Questions to ask your makeup artist before booking them

Questions to ask your makeup artist before booking them

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For every girl, her marriage is not only the most important event in her whole life, but that’s her life-changing event, which will make her experience new things in life. So she deserves to look best on that special day. During earlier times, the family, relatives or close friends use to groom the bride on her special day with her makeup, costume,

jewellery, etc. But, now things are completely changed, the bridal makeup is usually given to the makeup

specialists, along with the wedding dress and the hairstyle.

So the brides must search for a wedding makeup artist weeks before the wedding day, to avoid the haste and give proper time to the makeup artist so that they could thoroughly analyse your face and skin. This will help the artist to provide the best makeup. One who examines your skin is a good artist, and she can ask you a few important questions before choosing the makeup procedures. In a few cases, it has been seen that people contact makeup artists late or completely near marriage, but they need to understand the value of the day. They must be scheduled day and time as soon as possible. Otherwise your favourite makeup artist can be busy somewhere else.

Bridal makeup can be a tricky affair. Of course, you cannot allow any random person to glam you up for the most important days of your life. So, we advise you to be genuinely selective to be able to make the right choice. Take your time to research thoroughly.  

Here is a list of questions that you must ask your makeup artist before booking! 

And the first and the most important question arises is 

Will the artist be available on your wedding dates??

As if the artist is not available, then it does not make any difference how great the person is. And once you make the checklist of the artists available on your wedding dates than the 2nd most important question you can ask is

Questions to ask your makeup artist before booking them

What services they provide and what are the charges for the same??

After knowing the services and the prices and other details such as:-

  • Price per service
  • Total amount to be charged or the combo/package charges
  • Payment mode
  • advance deposit 
  • Cancellation policy and charges

Now sort down the artist list according to your requirements and which suits you and your budget. And once these things are sorted, ask your makeup artist.

What all products will they use?

As this will help you know the product brand, the artist is using or if you are allergic to any product or brand, let your make artist know it before.

Will they use their own products or you need to bring them??

If you need to bring your own makeup kit for the bridal makeup, then it will be a big addon on your shopping list.

Whether you have to travel to the makeup studio or will they come to the wedding venue??

As if you need to travel to the makeup studio, you have to plan accordingly. As you makeup, time will also include your travel time. 

Questions are not limited to these only as there are various requirements and ways to deal with the makeup artist, but one should never skip these questions at least. So all the best brides may you get the best makeup artist!!!

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  1. Makeup is best left to professionals, especially so when it is your wedding. But finding the right one is not that simple, this post is a treasure for those looking to hire Bridal makeup professional.

  2. These tips are really helpful. Its always important to have proper discussion with the makeup artist.

  3. These tips will really help would-be-brides to find suitable makeup artists Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Very insightful! Rather than getting disappointed later, it’s better to ask queries and get answers. Important reminder in this post

  5. Choosing right makeup artist on your d day is important. This is indeed better to ask questions and queries than getting disappointed later… Great post.

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