Safety is a Shared Responsibility

Safety is a shared responsibility

The TikTok community is open to all, but everyone part of the TikTok community has to ensure that they make it safe. This is because while TikTok encourages creativity and joy amongst its community, it also puts safety on the top of its priority. TikTok even issued a list of 14 industry-safe features to ensure a safe and secure, as well as a fun experience for you.

Online and offline campaigns

As part of this journey, TikTok launched the #WaitASecToReflect campaign to inspire users to pause for a second and think about their online conduct. As part of this campaign, TikTok also partnered with the Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) to execute a digital literacy programme focused on the usage of user-generated content platforms.

TikTok also launched an offline campaign as part of the #WaitASecondToReflect campaign by partnering with Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) to train budding media professionals on the existing industry wide challenges faced due to the evolving social media landscape in India.

Under this partnership, TikTok and IIMC organised a series of workshops with the students and professors of IIMC across its six regional campuses.

The workshops featured a curriculum that incorporates insights and learnings shared by thought leaders from new media, internet-based companies and educational institutional community.

Community guidelines

TikTok also has a list of community guidelines that it constantly keeps updating to keep up with the ever-changing way trends and technology constantly change. Some of the content that have blanket bans include posting dangerous content, content that promotes nudity, graphic content, content that promotes hate speeches, as well as content that compromises on child safety. To know more of the community policies, click here.

Other safety features

A few months ago, TikTok launched the Device Management feature, which is the 14th Safety Feature launched by TikTok. Using this feature, TikTok users will be able to end sessions or remove their accounts from other devices from within the TikTok app to better manage their safety of their account. This feature will help avoid the misuse of user accounts. The new feature further empowers them to manage their online presence in a wise and safe way and choose the sessions they want to end.

Other safety features included a risk warning tag, a restricted mode, screen time management, age gate, comment filter, content moderation, and app safety updates

Safety Quizzes

TikTok has also launched several in-app safety quizzes for its users. The account safety quiz which is available on TikTok in India and throughout Europe, EMEA, and Asia incorporates questions that highlight a few of the most important ideas on general account safety including setting up your account with a strong password, not sharing your account information with anyone, being aware of phishing, and suspicious email or website.

Safety Centre

TikTok also has a Safety Centre on its website that enables TikTokusers to protect themselves. The app, which is available in 10 regional languages, besides English, tells you how to deal with bullying, keep accounts private, how to use strong passwords, and how you can avoid spreading personal information.

TikTok also boasts of a tool that filters up to 30 words in Hindi and English in the comments section. This tool, which aims to curtail cyber bullying, will automatically delete the comments if one of these 30 words are used.

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  1. A social media platform has responsibility in so many dimensions. These of course include the safety and security features as well as the kind of content that is hosted on the platform.

  2. Not just tik tok but being online on social media always makes me worry about privacy. It is good that tik tok is proactively sharing information about privacy

  3. I am much relieved these security measures are in place for Tik Tok. Social media can be an unsafe place as well but this article is reassuring.

  4. For me tik Tok is very addictive and it instantly brighten up my moods watching all the lovely creators thank you for telling about the safety measures I feel so relieved now

  5. Tiktok definitely has some very advanced security measures for its users. No wonder why it is the most popular platform today

  6. That’s a great initiative by tik tok to promote safety. This will ensure that data won’t get misused by anyone.

  7. Safety is always a big concern for people, whether online or offline.. I am glad tiktok is introducing so many safety features and making the community safe..

  8. TikTok is so hugely popular and there are vulnerable users who can really get affected if anything goes wrong on this platform. Good to know that TikTok is paying attention to safety

  9. Since corona outbreak I am appealing everyone to boycott tik tok. As China has spread the virus and tik tok is China based app. So I will request you as well to stop using tik tok.

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