A reunion party that is sizzling with hate and betrayal…Watch the complete series streaming now on ZEE5

A reunion party that is sizzling with hate and betrayal...Watch the complete series streaming now on ZEE5

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What happens when a group of best buddies from college come together after a hiatus of five years, for a reunion cum bachelor party, in their favourite den situated in the middle of a silent and eerie forest? Do you think it will rekindle a firework of beautiful friendship and bonding? Uh-huh. The secrets, lies and trauma of the past they thought they have buried deep beneath, will be brought alive in the span of two days when they set out to play the popular social deduction game called ‘Mafia’. To know more about the spine chilling thriller series, log in to ZEE5 today and watch the best OTT release of the month – ‘Mafia’ webseries..

A reunion party that is sizzling with hate and betrayal...Watch the complete series streaming now on ZEE5

Marking his directorial debut on OTT platform Birsa Dasgupta has narrated the story of a murder mystery drama that has perfectly weaved into a psychological thriller. The shooting of the web series was done entirely in and around a guest house amidst the dark jungles of Madhupur in Jharkhand. The location, cinematography and background score of ‘Mafia’ are guaranteed to make you feel intrigued and unsettled, by creating an atmosphere of horror and mystery all throughout the 8 episodes.

The thriller series has Namit Das, Tanmay Dhanania, Ishaa M Saha, Anindita Bose, Aditya Bakshi, Madhurima Roy, and Ridhima Ghosh playing the lead roles. In ‘Mafia’ the story begins when the group of six best friends from college get an invite from Tanya (played by Madhurima Roy) to be a part of her bachelor party, as she is tying the knot with Kunal (played by Sayan Banerjee). For the reunion she has chosen the old guest house in Madhupur that used to be their favourite den during college days. As memories of the past flashes on the minds of the pack – Rishi, Ritwik, Ananya, Sam, and Neha – we get a peek into their lives and hints of their own reasons to not want to go back to Madhupur.

Soon after they come together, it’s clear that the chemistry between these old friends is not the same anymore. Hence to jazz things up, the group decides to play the game of ‘Mafia’. But the game brings back the terrifying memories of five years ago, when they moved apart on their own paths, following the mysterious disappearance of the house help at the bungalow, Bidhua (played by Ankita Chakraborty).

While the opening scenes of the thriller web series leave us unsure about the real motivations of the characters, as the story progresses and the group gets entwined into the game of ‘Mafia’, the viewers are given hints about the dark sides and hidden agendas of the characters.

‘Mafia’ is a nail-biting show, to put it mildly. This is not just a finely made thriller web series in Hindi (also available in Bengali, Tamil and Telugu), it’s also an exploration into human complexities, burden of trauma and sexual violence. When all these ingredients are put together, you are certainly guaranteed to get hooked. Watch ‘Mafia’ today only on ZEE5 to experience the spine chilling rollercoaster ride.

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  1. Yes, I agree. It is a nail biting show. I have seen a few of its clips. Till I came to know about it, I wasn’t aware that Mafia is also a game.

  2. though I less prefer to watch crime thriller but after reading your review feeling curious about this one and want to know what happen next. thanks for sharing detail review.

  3. Literally, Zee5 has a full dose of drama, action, thriller and romance. This one also seems like a great treat to watch. Thanks for the review.

  4. Reunions are supposed to be happy experiences. Turning it into a mystery thriller is definitely an innovative idea. I would like to watch this for sure.

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