Bodywise Active Assist Gummies and Active Assist Tea- Ingredients, Uses, Benefits for Women

Bodywise Active Assist Gummies and Active Assist Tea

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The mighty combination of Bodywise Active Assist Gummies and Active Assist Tea improves metabolism, curbs cravings and assists in weight loss for women. Ingredients, benefits, usage, directions of use.

Your weight is your problem. But is it, really? We cannot ignore that weight standard or who’s heavy and who’s not, keep transforming. We’re here to tell you that, that’s hardly your concern. However, many women feel dissatisfied with their weight. Why is this important to us? We don’t design products so you can successfully be on the cover of a scandalous Victoria’s Secret magazine. We design them because weight, metabolism, digestion and overall health are interlinked.

What is it?

The Bodywise Active Assist Edition is a combination of both, the Active Assist Tea and Active Assist Gummies.

What are the key ingredients in both products?

The goodness and natural characteristics of all ingredients are explained below. So read on!


Popularly referred to as Apple Cider Vinegar, it is chiefly responsible for lowering your blood sugar levels, giving your metabolism a boost and reducing the overall fat storage in your body. Do late-night cravings and stealthy trips to the fridge ring a bell? Yes, there won’t be any of that anymore.


Ever feel like you are eating right but it just somehow isn’t adding up in the form of results you can measure? Meet Inulin. A prebiotic fibre that helps your body absorb nutrients from the food you eat, to its fullest potential. Let’s face it- we all need a little help sometimes.

Green Tea-

Very few women aren’t familiar with this one. Containing flavonoids, it breaks down excess fat and heightens metabolism.

Garcinia, Ginger and Turmeric-

Garcinia curbs your appetite and leaves you feeling fuller for longer. Ginger has high antioxidant content and is also anti-inflammatory. Turmeric is great for digestive health in particular.

Bodywise Active Assist Gummies and Active Assist Tea is designed by expert nutritionists that scientifically vouch for all ingredients included in both Active Assist packs. In fact, ACV is also known for regularising your menstrual cycle- a boon for women with PCOS and irregular periods. Not to mention, turmeric and green tea can help soothe period cramps, aches and pains.

Bodywise Active Assist Gummies and Active Assist Tea Bodywise Active Assist Gummies and Active Assist Tea Bodywise Active Assist Gummies and Active Assist Tea


How can you use this duo to assist your weight loss regime?  

Active Assist Gummies- Pop 1 gummy in your mouth, every morning, 30 minutes before breakfast.

Active Assist Tea- Dunk 1 tea bag in your favorite mug or cup, heat 200ml of water till it comes to a boil and pour it over your tea bag immediately. Steep your warm concoction for about 3-5 minutes and consume 30 minutes before your heaviest meal!

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