I Started Losing My Hair at Age 25—Know How I’m Dealing

I Started Losing My Hair at Age 25—Know How I'm Dealing

Hello Everyone,

I agree, losing hair is normal. But when it gets out of control, freaking out is normal. It all started with 10-20 strands and later on the count was above 50. I started freaking out. I googled so much stuff and terms like female pattern hair loss and alopecia flashed across the screen and I panicked. And slowly my hairline got wider and wider and it just didn’t stop. I tried different styles like a top knot, a low pony, a middle part, a side part just to make myself feel this problem wasn’t real. Finally, I asked myself, Am I seriously losing my hair? And lowkey I know the answer is yes. Several questions popped in my head, What to do? What to use? Should I consult a doc?

Ladies, if you’re going through the same situation. Let me tell you: This article can definitely help you to grow back your healthy hair. Here’s how I dealt with my problem.

Firstly I made an appointment with a top-rated hair specialist in my area. My doc mentioned that it’s female-pattern hair loss i.e FPHL. This is also called androgenetic alopecia or androgenic alopecia and this is very common. I was scared to get treatment because I was not sure if I could handle that. My doc prescribed me Minoxidil. It is currently the only medicine available to treat female-pattern baldness. So I purchased a hair serum that has minoxidil. My hair fall got controlled but only a bit.

I started a hair care routine. My routine includes serum, anti-hair fall shampoo, anti-hair fall conditioner, and a hair mask. My heart just didn’t have enough courage to buy products outside. Because nowadays all the shampoos, conditioners everything is made of harmful chemicals, sulphates, and parabens. So I researched a few homemade remedies. Here are a few home remedies that some people recommend: Rubbing onion or garlic juice, cooled green tea, rosemary oil, honey, almond oil, olive oil, or coconut milk into the scalp. I tried these but my hair didn’t show any change.

After a lot of research, I started using Clovia Botaniqa Anti hair fall shampoo, anti hair fall conditioner and anti hair fall oil.

My routine includes applying anti-hair fall oil and massage the hair thoroughly.

I Started Losing My Hair at Age 25—Know How I'm Dealing

This Clovia botaniqa hair fall oil is enriched with 10 natural essential oils like marula oil, onion seed oil, castor oil, curry leaf oil & vitamin E to reduce hair fall and strengthen roots. These natural ingredients are inspired by age-old grandmother’s remedies. They are best known for their nourishing and strengthening properties. The combination of all these oils actively works to reduce hair fall.

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Later the next day, I wash my hair with Clovia Botaniqa anti hair fall shampoo. This shampoo is made from all natural ingredients like neem, tea tree oil & wheat protein and it’s completely sulphate and paraben-free to reduce hair fall and strengthen roots.

I Started Losing My Hair at Age 25—Know How I'm Dealing

I’ll mention how It works as well:

1.This shampoo controls hair breakage and frizz.

  1. It reduces hair loss and aids in hair regrowth.
  2. This shampoo thoroughly cleans the scalp.
  3. It also prevents split ends.

The special natural ingredients in the shampoo provide extra benefits like detoxifying the scalp and adding shine to rough, damaged, and frizzy hair. It triggers hair regrowth. It also improves cellular generation and repairs damaged nerves in the scalp. This shampoo stimulates hair growth, treats scalp infection, and reduces hair loss.

After washing off the shampoo, I use this Clovia Botaniqa anti-hair fall conditioner. This anti-hair fall conditioner is highly rich in jojoba, rosemary, vitamin E & keratin that reduces hair fall, strengthens roots, and improves hair texture.

I Started Losing My Hair at Age 25—Know How I'm Dealing

How does It work?

  1. This conditioner reduces hair fall.
  2. As it is made from natural ingredients, it promotes hair growth.
  3. These ingredients improve hair quality.
  4. It nourishes the scalp and hair.
  5. Adds strength and shine to the hair.

This conditioner provides nourishment to brittle and damaged hair and reduces hair fall and adds volume.

I apply this Plum olive & macadamia mega moisturizing hair mask once a week. This hair mask is rich in shea butter and is 100% vegan.

I Started Losing My Hair at Age 25—Know How I'm Dealing

Following are few benefits you get by using this hair mask:

  1. This is the best hair mask for dry, damaged and chemically-treated hair as this mask deeply hydrates your hair.
  2. This hair mask is rich in shea butter that provides long-lasting hydration for hair and scalp.
  3. It contains macadamia oil that controls frizz-taming.
  4. It has a UV-Shield that protects hair color.

This is how I’m dealing with my hair guys. If you’re experiencing the same, the above-mentioned hair routine will definitely help you. And don’t forget to thank me 😉

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