Bite Sized Nutrition : Hea Boosters : Review

Bite Sized Nutrition : Hea Boosters : Review

Hello Everyone,

The present scenario needs a strong immunity system to fight against viral infections and diseases. Especially, kids and elders are more likely to get infected.

No matter what, consuming essential vitamins and nutrients is really important to build a strong immunity system.

As a mom, I always want the best for myself and my family without any compromise. But sometimes, in the rush to take care of everything on my own, I forget to take care of myself. I already tried many immunity and energy booster, but nothing makes me satisfied as Hea Boosters.

Yes, Hea is a company build by moms for moms. It is a purely Indian brand that brought to you the perfect supplement in the form of bite-sized chewable yummy gummies. Currently, their boosters are available in two variants- Hea immunity boosters and Hea MaxiMUM energy boosters.

These gummies are a simple, tasty and effective solution for everything our health needs.

Bite Sized Nutrition : Hea Boosters : Review

What do I like the most about Hea Boosters?

  • Power-packed with superfood and nutrients like essential vitamin C, D, A and Zinc that help boost energy and keep the infections at bay.
  • These are thoroughly researched, tested and formulated to perform with our body. These gummies are made with the strict guidelines of ISO, GMP and FSSAI.
  • These gummies are tasty and super convenient to use and 100% vegan and sugar-free. There are absolutely no added sugar, GMO, artificial colors, preservatives, gluten, or dairy.
  • These come in chewable gummies form in fresh orange and strawberry flavor that require no water to sallow.
  • It is simple, effective and promising.

How to Use:

As I said, there is no time restriction to intake these gummies. You just need to chew 2 gummies daily, preferably between meals as per your convenience. I generally take one gummy after breakfast and one gummy after lunch and it worked wonders for me.


Now comes to its packaging, these gummies come housed in a plastic jar with screw open lid which is easy to use and carry along with you.

Quality and Price:

Hea Immunity Boosters: 635/- for 30 chewable.

Hea Maximum Energy Booster: 585/- for 30 chewable.

You can get them from Amazon and

Hea Immunity Boosters

Hea Maximum Energy boosters

As I said, this tasty chewable is power-packed with Vitamin C , D and Zinc and comes in a fresh and zesty orange flavor. You need to have 1-2 gummies every day at your convenient time. Regular consumption helps improve the production of white blood cells and thus combats free radical damage whereas Vitamin D helps activate T cells to fight and get rid of viral infections. Also, Zinc helps heal wounds and develop immunity cells in our body.

My entire family has been taking Hea immunity boosters for almost two weeks now and we have seen great results of not falling sick.

Hea Maximum Energy Boosters

Hea Maximum Energy boosters

It is also rich in Vitamin D, B12 and B9( Folic Acid) and comes in a yummy strawberry flavor. Every single gummy helps absorb and release energy throughout the day, making you stay energetic and active all day. These gummies contain a vegan source of Vitamin B12 that restricts Anaemia and keeps blood cells healthy whereas Vitamin B9 enhances the absorption of energy from food and relieves stress.

I have been consuming it for two weeks and I can feel the improvement in my energy level. I feel less fatigued and tired than before. All thanks to Hea Maximum Energy Boosters.

Final verdict:

I would highly recommend both these tasty Chewables From Hea to all the women out there. Whether you are a mom or working woman or a homemaker or pursuing your degrees, you must have this dose of wholesome nutrition without compromising the taste.

That’s all for today’s post. Hope you find it helpful.


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