Things to do in NYC under 21

If you are not up to 21 and want to enjoy the entire New York City visitor experience, what should you do? Fortunately, New York City is a cosmopolitan city that welcomes tourists and travellers of all ages.

Things to Do in NYC for College Students 

New York City is a great city with lots of places to go for sightseeing. Touring and sightseeing can be very costly, making planning difficult, especially if you are a college student. However, no need to worry, there are lots of things to see and do in this beautiful city that doesn’t cost a thing. There are activities to do and spots to see, which include: • Ride the Staten Island FerryTour the Museum of Modern Art • Explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art • Appreciate nature at Brooklyn Botanical Garden • Visit Fashion Institute of Technology Museum • Have some fun at the Washington Square Park • Explore the Chelsea Galleries • Tour the New York Public Library • Explore new things at the Museum of the Moving Image

Visit New York with ESTA

When you visit New York City, you should certainly stop by at these notable sites. However, before going to the States as a visitor, you should note a few things. The ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) grants citizens with countries falling under the United States Visa Waiver Program. They can apply for it and use it to get access to the US soil without a visa.

This permits you to stay in the States for no more than three months, even without a visa. If you complete all the esta new york travel eligibility requirements, you can process your application online. It is wise to do all these long before you start your travel plans to the states. The esta application can be completed at any time, using a fully functional online form. However, returning the form should be finalized no less than three days to your flight.

Rather than guessing how long does an esta last, simply check your status on their site. You can check your esta application status to determine your eligibility. Applying for a visa waiver is simple and convenient. The processing is fast, taking just a few hours to find out your status. In case you are rejected, apply again for a visa at the United States embassy, do this as a non-immigrant.

Geeky Things to Do in NYC

Here are fun activities you can engage in and lots of historical landmarks you can visit. Geeky things to do in New York City include:

Big Bus New York

Experience the city of New York than with the exclusively guided sightseeing Big Bus New York Tour. This is the best way to begin because you will have the opportunity to see historical and monumental landmarks in the city. Your tour guide will be there to tell you all the history of New York City

Central Park Bike Tours

Central Park is among New York City’s treasures, and most of the historical milestones in the United States are located here. This park has many amenities such as lakes, artwork, live entertainers, food, drink, and more. The best way to experience all that the park offers is on a bike tour, either a guided bike tour or rent a bike for yourself and go sightseeing.

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Tour one of the most famous and precious milestones in the United States with a tour to Ellis Island. The Statue of Liberty symbolized freedom for Americans for hundreds of years and is one place you need to visit in New York City.

American Museum of Natural History

It is one of the biggest and most fascinating natural history museums in the United States. It has a massive collection of artifacts that will leave you speechless; you may even spend the whole day exploring and learning.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

If you love contemporary art, then the Guggenheim Museum is a place you need to visit whenever you are in New York City. It has within its collection some of the 20th and 21st-century masterpieces and art collections.

Rockefeller Center Tour

Learn about the history behind one of New York City milestones and have some insight into Rockefeller Jr.’s mind with this entertaining and fascinating guided tour. Explore Rockefeller Center, a famous location.

Greenhouse Cafe Brooklyn NY

Greenhouse Cafe is a complete bar consisting of dining spaces. It is a famous bar and restaurant in Bay Ridge, where many locals celebrate their weddings and other special events. It is also a nice and welcoming place to enjoy delicious meals, especially if you love to eat meat; there are many options for you. There is always a party at Greenhouse Cafe; it hosts shows every Friday and Saturday nights, karaoke every Wednesday night, and an open stage every Thursday night.

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