Most Effective Way to Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Most Effect way to relieve menstrual Cramps

Hello Everyone,

There is nothing more terrifying than monthly menstrual cramps or commonly known as period
pain. It is really a nightmare for many. Studies show that 80% of women have undergone period
pain on a monthly basis and having a heat patch for period pain is the best solution so far.
I have also been experiencing terrible menstrual cramps every month since my teenage years.
There are so many myths around this pain in our society. For instance, people say that after
having a baby, you do not undergo any period cramps anymore. But that’s not true.
However, using a heat patch for cramps did give me period pain relief.
So, if you are someone who has been victimized by your own period cramps then this post is
going to be very helpful as I’m going to share more about heat patch for back pain and several
other methods that you can try. Read on!

What are Menstrual Cramps?

Menstrual Cramps or dysmenorrhea is the rapid pain on the lower abdomen before or during

How to Ease Menstrual Cramps?

Going through period cramps every 28 days can be frustrating as well as painful. But not to worry,
there is nothing to be afraid of. Maintaining and following a few habits or lifestyle changes will
definitely ease out period pain. Here are a few:

● Apply heat:
Applying heat in the form of a hot water bag or a heat patch for cramps to the lower abdominal
area is so far the best way for period pain relief as it effectively relaxes the muscles and
minimizes pain.

● Yoga and Exercises:
Doing Yoga and a few gentle exercises is another way to relax abdominal muscles and hence
reduce the period pain. There are a lot of yoga or asanas like Brahmari, Malasana, Balasana,
Baddha Konasana to name a few, which are very effective to provide period pain relief.

● Avoid junk, salty food, caffeine and alcohol:
Make sure to intake a balanced diet with lots of fruits and green vegetables during menstruation.
Do avoid inflammatory food such as junk, caffeine and alcohol which cause fluid retention in your
body and lead to bloating.

● Drink sufficient water:
Drinking sufficient water or fluid helps you to stay hydrated for long and thus your body doesn’t
need to retain fluid and cause bloating.

● Medication:
If nothing works out, then you have to rely on medication but only after consulting a doctor.

What worked for me?

As I said, I have been dealing with awful period pain every month since I was a teenager. Like
most of the girls, the only method that works for me is applying heat to the lower abdominal area.
But as a working woman, it is not at all feasible to carry a hot water bag to my workplace. It is
uncomfortable and there is a chance of leakage as well. You cannot even walk around carrying it
all the time. Also, the water needs to be reheated from time to time. That’s where I researched
and came across a heat patch for period pain.

What made me choose a Heat patch?

When I was looking for an alternative and portable solution to hot water bags and medicines, I
found out about a heat patch for cramps on the internet. I ordered one and tried it for myself. To
be honest, it was the easiest and most comfortable menstruation. Ever since then I use heat patch
for back pain during my period because:
● It is easy to use
● It is easy to apply and remove
● You can carry it everywhere
● No discomfort or irritation
● Has no side effects in the long run as medicine
● Not at all messy like a hot water bag

Recently, I stumbled on Urban Yog Period Pain Relief Heat patches. I like the fact that these
patches are environmentally friendly and made up of 100% natural and biodegradable
ingredients. It heats up on its own and provides a relaxing experience for 8-10 hours.

Most Effect way to relieve menstrual Cramps

How to use it?

● Take out the patch from the cover
● Peel off the thin transparent cover
● Now stick on the affected area
● After use, dispose of in the waste bin

Few things to remember while using the heat patch

● Meant to be stuck on a dry area
● Use only one patch a day
● Do not open a new cover if not to be used
● Do not use it on cuts or inflamed skin or on the infected area
● Keep away from the reach of children and pets
● Store at room temperature in dry condition

Most Effect way to relieve menstrual Cramps

What do I like about Urban Yog Period Pain Relief Heat Patch?

1. Safe to use:

Made with all-natural ingredients like natural salts, activated carbon, clay and iron, these patches
are safe to use on the skin. It doesn’t irritate your skin. If you see any redness around the skin
upon application, this is due to the heat the patch releases, nothing to be scared of.

2. Gives long-lasting result:

This self-heating patch helps relax the muscle on the lower abdomen or back for 10 hours.

3. Easy to carry:

Unlike a hot water bag, this heat patch is easy to carry everywhere. It easily slips into your clutch
or bag and takes up very little space.

4. Easy to use:

It is very easy to use in just 2 steps. All you need to do is remove the thin cover and stick it on the
affected area and you are good to go.

Most Effect way to relieve menstrual Cramps Most Effect way to relieve menstrual Cramps

How is Urban Yog Period Pain Relief Heat patch is better than any other heat
patches in the market?

Here I going to be summing-up a comparison for better understanding:

Urban Yog Heat Patch
● Gives up to 10 hours of relief
● Can stick on the skin as well as on cloth
● Works for both abdomen and back pain
Other Heat Patches
● Gives 2-3 hours of relief
● Can stick only on cloth
● Works for only abdomen pain

Where to buy: You can order yours from
My Verdict: If you are someone who experiences awful period cramps every month and is looking
for a portable solution of the hot water bag, definitely go for Urban yog heat patch and you can
thank me later!

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