5 tips to know your correct bra size

5 tips to know your correct bra size

For anyone out there who has worn an ill-fitted bra, I absolutely empathize with you over this. Even after choosing the correct size on the bra size chart, somehow, it always has some problems. The bra size chart also definitely has flaws because not every method that the bra size chart shows is doable or comfortable for all. There’s always some element that goes wrong.

Either the cups are too big or too small or the straps are itchy or the hooks are not appropriate; some or the other thing surely comes up. 

Though almost everywhere you go there is a bra size chart in various measurements. So there is a bra size chart in centimeters and in inches and of every nook and corner of your chest. But there are quite a few bra size chart that are perfect and also a few methods via which you can choose the perfect bra size for yourself. We have a few methods down below, check them yourself!

  1. Measure Your Band Size

The initial step to sorting out the legitimate bra size is estimating for the boycott, which requires a smidgen of math and a tape measure, similar to the one you’d get from a sewing unit.

  • Take the tape measurer and fold it over yourself where the band of your bra would sit. Do this either with no bra on or with a non-cushioned bra.
  • Wrap the estimating tape cozily so it fits around you how you’d easily wear a bra.
  • Round the number you concoct to the closest entire number.
  • Take that number you estimated and, assuming it’s a considerable number, add 4 to it. 

    2. Know your Size

Very much like with other famously challenging to-look for things, similar to pants, there’s a wide variety in how bras of a similar size will fit from one brand to another, even starting with one style then onto the next. That is the reason specialists say ladies ought to know both their actual size and their sister sizes. On the off chance that a bra doesn’t fit in your normal size, it could work in your sister size.

    3. Measure the Bust

Measure your bust, which is a vital piece of deciding your cup size. Utilizing your tape measurer, measure around the fullest piece of your bust. Line up the estimating tape around your back and across your front. Try not to quantify this as cozily as you estimated the band, yet rather keep it at an agreeable degree of snugness.

Round the number you think of to the closest entire number.

    4. Check the Cup Size

Take the estimation of the band and deduct it from the estimation of your bust. Then, coordinate the number you get with a bra size diagram to find the suitable cup size. When you have the band estimation and your cup size, you can coordinate the two to decide your bra size.


  1. Check the fitting by wearing it

Twist forward at the midsection

Change the band. 

Ensure the bra isn’t excessively free. 

Fix falling ties. 

Put on a snug shirt over the bra. 

This is the perfect guide to know your correct size! Get going!

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