How to Choose the Best Cowboy Boots for Your Little One

How to Choose the Best Cowboy Boots for Your Little One

From toddlers to trendsetters, country-style footwear is especially popular this year. The market is booming with all sorts of cowboy boot designs from embroidered models to pairs made of colourful leathers and featuring metallics and playful patterns. This makes the prospect of buying a pair seem quite exciting. Nevertheless, it can get complicated if you’re shopping for a kid. 

Buying Cowboy Boots Fit for Little Feet 

Let’s be honest, when buying a pair for ourselves, aesthetics usually tops the list of factors we consider before making a choice. But when kids are concerned, the opposite is true. Only take aesthetics into consideration once you’ve pinpointed a type of boot that can protect your bub’s sensitive feet and is comfortable enough not to cause any blisters.

How to Choose the Best Cowboy Boots for Your Little One


Also, you need to keep in mind that the feet of kids from 1 to 4 years old grow very fast. This makes it harder to pick a pair of boots that your little one will wear for a long time. But worry not, we’re here to help. Here’s what to consider when buying the best cowboy boots for your little one.

Choose Soft and Comfortable Designs 

Most kids are very active and love exploring the world around them, almost never sitting still. To make sure your child can move freely and comfortably, choose cowboy boots made from durable yet soft materials that will support the development of your kid’s feet. 

This means you should steer clear from buying heavy-duty boots unless you plan to sign up your kid for horse riding lessons. Otherwise, your best bet is to buy lightweight boots in which your little one can jump and run as much as they please. For the ultimate comfort and durability, go for cowboy boots made of genuine leather as this fabric is soft, smooth, durable and strong.

How to Choose the Best Cowboy Boots for Your Little One


Furthermore, genuine leather stretches much better than other materials do. Since your child’s feet will grow day by day, cowboy boots made of genuine leather can easier accommodate their feet while retaining good quality. 

Nevertheless, in reality, not many cowboy boots for kids are made from this type of leather. The material is quite expensive and the feet of kids are constantly changing, which makes it quite an investment. So, think about this. 

Suede is also a great material for cowboy boots as it tends to be softer than leather. Suede can boost your kid’s comfort thanks to its breathable nature. What’s more, it’s usually more affordable than full-grain genuine leather. 

Pick Models with Non-Slip Outsoles

Many people neglect the importance of a good non-slip outsole when it comes to buying kids’ cowboy boots. Since little ones are always on the move, you definitely don’t want your bub to fall and injure themselves when wearing cowboy boots with slippery soles. 

Your safest bet is buying shoes with outsoles made from rubber or synthetic as these usually provide good grip and are non-slippery. Stay away from cowboy boots featuring leather soles because leather soles can be quite slippery.

It’s also a good idea to turn over the shoe and check the tread patterns on the sole. Deeper and smaller patterns indicate that the boots have good grip and friction. On the other hand, a smooth sole is prone to be slippery. 

Which Are the Best Cowboy Boot Brands on the Market? 

When shopping, you’ll notice there’s a wide range of price points and brands and choosing will be no easy feat. To help you invest your money and a pair of quality, we’ve rounded up some of the best brands making children’s cowboy boots.


If you want a pair that offers functionality and has the recognisable traditional Western design, youth Ariat boots are just what you need. This brand makes a wide range of models for adults and children alike; from flashy designs that make heads turn to actual riding boots and comfy and cute everyday pairs.

What’s more, Ariat is a reputable brand that’s focused on sustainability. Some of their latest initiatives include new production processes that involve using 50% less water than traditional methods as well as teaming up with Leather Working Group to make their leather manufacturing more eco-friendly. Making such mindful choices when shopping can be a great step toward teaching your kid about sustainability.

How to Choose the Best Cowboy Boots for Your Little One


Another way this brand strives to be more green is by creating sturdy adult and youth Ariat boots that can stand the test of time and last you for decades. This means that a single pair can become a precious family heirloom that gets passed down generations. Just imagine, the cowboy boots you’ve bought for your little one today may be worn by your grandchild years in the future. 

So, hesitate no more! Whether you want to add some Western flair to your little one’s wardrobe or want just a pair of functional boots they can do cowgirl/cowboy things in, Ariat will have you covered. 


Ranch clothing is the focus of the Tecovas brand, which offers a large selection of traditional yet incredibly fashionable cowboy boot types. The fact that each pair of their boots is handcrafted by a group of artists is what makes them unique and genuinely special. Each boot takes at least 200 steps to complete.

Therefore, if you decide to purchase a pair of Tecovas for your kid, you can be confident that they’ll get premium cowboy boots that are built to last. The price range of this brand is another factor in its popularity. Even though some of their models might cost a little more than those of certain other brands, they still fall within the affordable range for purchasing handcrafted cowboy boots.

Tecovas is committed to premium quality without retail markups. What’s more, they design their boots to last for years to come in terms of both wear and trend. This means you invest in a quality pair of boots and wear them for years to come without going out of style.

Jeffrey Campbell

If you’re searching to buy cowboy boots for your little one, you may not even think about Jeffrey Campbell. However, this company has a wide selection of Western fashion styles that are highly well-liked by celebrities and fashionistas.

How to Choose the Best Cowboy Boots for Your Little One


Although their footwear models might not be the most casual, they undoubtedly feature a quality design. You can get everything at Jeffrey Campbell, from vivid metallics to delicate needlework. They have a large selection of styles that are appropriate for everyone, such as conventional, knee-high, and high-heeled cowboy boots.

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