6 Essential Buys for your new born toddlers

A new baby in the house is always such exciting news and a pleasure for all! But this happiness comes with some responsibilities too. As an example, childproofing the house or bringing in everything a child requires! Yes, we know you already have the essentials required for the babies in place and ready to use. But just ensure that you don’t forget these important items for your little one when it’s time to bring them home from the hospital. 

  • Baby cleaning kit—

    Whether in your hospital bag or in the nursery drawer, a baby cleaning kit is essential.This includes the essentials of diaper changes and daily sanitization like baby wipes, talcum powder, baby massage oil, diapers, diaper rash cream, baby soap, body wash, and so on. But remember, to put these baby wipes and other sanitization items in one handy box and get them from the safest brand you can think of. Especially, when it comes to the baby’s skincare products like soap, oil, and baby wipes, be very sure about the ingredients and child-friendly substances used in them. 

  • Cloth diapers –

    We know most of you use disposable diapers nowadays, and these are very convenient as well. But you can never predict if your child will find it suitable. There are cases of diaper rash and even other issues that might arise from using disposable diapers. In that case, always keep a pair or two of cloth diapers handy so that you don’t face any end of the moment issues when you want to change to them.

  • Baby cradle and crib –

    A newborn also requires a personal bed! That is why having a baby cradle and crib is also important to consider. Nowadays, you get two beds in one that can be turned into a cradle when you need it, otherwise, it’s just a cot! You can even consider a compact foldable crib if you have lack space in your home. 

  • Swaddle clothes –

    It is understood that you already have the child’s wardrobe ready. But have you included the swaddle clothes in it? Well, these need to be somewhat large and of very soft fabric that makes it easier for you to wrap your child into the swaddle. Also, if you are still unaware, watch some swaddle wrapping videos on YouTube to get an idea of how to do it perfectly. 

  • Baby quilt –

    Just like yourself, even a baby requires a quilt or a blanket! If you’ve not already bought one, then it’s time to get a super soft baby quilt with cute prints for your little one. After all, your baby will be hugging and snuggling with it for many years!

  • Baby’s colic medicines –

    With everything else, you also require to get the doctor’s prescribed cold medicines for your child. The kid is going to have some tough times during the nights (mostly) digesting the milk. A colic aid handy saves a lot of trouble during such tough times. 


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