Why Should You Switch to an Oud Perfume Today?

Why Should You Switch to an Oud Perfume Today?

Do you have a signature scent? Citrus, musk, and woody notes steal the show when it comes to men’s fragrances. Perfumes using these timeless scents are the most popular among gentlemen. So whether it’s a special gift you’re looking for or buying it yourself, you need to try oud perfume.

If you’re wondering why you want to switch to an oud perfume from your familiar scent, here’s the answer. Sensual, smoky, and strong perfumes and aqua perfume are having a moment in the world of fragrances. The decadent notes of its intoxicating scent have found many takers, with many brands offering oud as perfumes and EDT versions. The warm smell of this perfume is suitable for all-day wear. You can even carry it to the after-party!

Let’s take a deep dive into the world of this heady fragrance.

What is Oud?

Oud (Oudh)  is a rare ingredient extracted from the agar tree. Also known as Agarwood, oud is produced when the agar (Aquilaria) tree is infested by mold. The tree then produces a dark, fragrant resin as a defense mechanism. This resin forms the basis of Oud perfumes.

The resin, which is valuable for its age, is produced over hundreds of years. As a result, it is also one of the most expensive raw materials in the world of perfumes. While the rest of the world is only now discovering the rich aroma of oud, Middle Eastern perfumeries have been using it for centuries. It is also used as incense in India and Japan.

In addition, Agarwood is known for its antibacterial qualities in Ayurveda. It is used to treat a variety of skin conditions. While it is illegal to harvest oud in the wild, given its depleting resources, sustainable plantations use an infection process by hand to cultivate the resin.

What does it smell like?

Not all men are created equal. Neither are fragrances. Oud, as a scent, is intoxicating and very intense. The rich oud fragrance is musky, warm, and just a hint of sweetness. What makes it appealing is that it lingers for a while after it has been applied or burnt as an essential oil.

Perfumers describe the aroma of oud as ‘seriously earthy.’ An attractive scent in its natural form, oud has woody and bittersweet nuances. It is resinous with tinges of dampened wood – a reminder of its origin – and wealthy at the same time. If you wish to sport a fragrance that lends a lavish air to your personality, you need to try an oud perfume.

An oud perfume for you 

If you are new to the scent of oud and unsure about its intense aroma, go for a blend of fragrances that balance its richness. Mamaearth’s ME Oud Eau De Parfum is a clean, masculine fragrance that adds to your irresistible charm. Predominantly sensual and musky, the scent exudes subtly fruity and floral notes.

The luxury perfume is a distinct blend of exotic, woody and spicy notes. It draws the much-needed balance from the understated floral notes of rose and germanium. The intoxicating blend of bergamot notes, berry and pink pepper open the fragrance. The final base note uses the smoky and warm oud with the musky yet slightly sweet Patchouli. The exotic blend evokes a bold, sensual air. Here’s what to expect:

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Berry, and Pink Pepper.
  • Middle Notes: A floral blend of rose and geranium.
  • Base Notes: Out meets Patchouli in an earthy blend.

The subtle fragrances in this perfume combine to form a clean, masculine scent. The balanced blend is ideal for those new to oud’s intense aroma. Mamaearth ME Oud uses oud in a base note, which means it will remain on your skin much longer than the other notes.

The base notes are heavy, rich, and long-lasting (up to twelve hours)

While the woody scent is created for men, women can also use the fragrance if they find it suited to their tastes. Apply the scent behind the earlobes, on your collar bones, underarms, and wrists. It lasts up to 12 hours, but feel free to refresh the scent sooner if you love its notes!

ME Oud Eau De Parfum to Unleash Your Confidence is a natural fragrance Made Safe-Certified. It contains no harmful toxins, chemicals, or phthalates. In addition, the hypoallergenic perfume is safe for all skin types.

Why Should You Switch to an Oud Perfume Today?

Healthy hair for a stylish you 

While you’re going all serious with your perfume, frizzy and dry hair can turn the dampener for your look. Consider adding an aloe vera gel for hair to your daily routine for healthy hair that can be styled to your liking.

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Using Mamaearth’s Aloe Vera Gel For Hair offers multiple benefits for hair care, thanks to its natural ingredients. In addition to pure aloe vera, this Pure Aloe Vera Gel contains:

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This Aloe Vera Gel for Skin and Hair is dermatologically tested and safe for all skin and hair types. It contains no harmful chemicals, parabens, toxins, and mineral oil.

Your fragrance defines who you are!

Due to its rarity and time-consuming growth cycle, oud or Oudh is one of the most expensive fragrance ingredients. Nevertheless, it has taken the world of fragrances by storm, and there’s a good reason you should try it. With intense, woody notes that carry a hint of sweetness, oud perfume is just the fragrance to accentuate a man’s charm.

Like all Mamaearth products, the ME Oud is dermatologically-tested and can be used by both men and women. It is toxin-free and contains no harmful chemicals or phthalates. The perfume is hypoallergenic. The mystic air of this complex fragrance has appealed to various cultures for centuries and is now enthralling perfumers. So get your favorite perfume today!


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