Is Your Hair Turning Grey? Fight It With ThriveCo’s Hair Prime Serum!

Is Your Hair Turning Grey? Fight It With ThriveCo's Hair Prime Serum!

As a young woman, I thought grey hair happened with age. Little did I know how much grey hair could affect someone’s life and self-esteem! With premature greying beginning as early as my mid-twenties, it felt like the world had taken away the one thing I cherish the most: my youth. But I decided to confront this challenge. I researched on the internet to find the best hair care product that can reverse grey hair. I brushed through many anti-grey hair serums and oils on social media, which make lofty claims of reversing grey hair. Finally, I zeroed in on ThriveCo’s Hair Prime Serum because of numerous positive reviews posted by the users. 

In this blog post, let me share how ThriveCo’s Hair Prime Serum worked for me in dealing with premature grey hair. It might be helpful if you’re facing similar issues or looking for ways to improve your hair health.

Product Details 

Is Your Hair Turning Grey? Fight It With ThriveCo's Hair Prime Serum!

ThriveCo’s Hair Prime Serum comes in an amber-colored bottle with a dropper for easier dispensation. The solution has a watery consistency for better penetration and easier absorption. The best part about this grey hair treatment is that it contains Arcolys, renowned as the most effective remedy for premature grey hair. Arcolys is known to restore the natural black pigment in the roots by controlling oxidative stress. This active haircare ingredient restores the natural black hue of the hair by stimulating melanin production. As per the manufacturers, this prime hair serum helps reduce the density and proportion of white hair in two and a half months. There will be a visible reduction in white hair with the continued application of this product for five months. This Hair Prime Serum serum has a potent combination of science-backed ingredients such as Arcolys and natural ingredients such as black tea extract and biotin. This results in keeping your scalp nourished and moisturized. So it’s worth trying. 

My Experience With ThriveCo’s Hair Prime Serum 

When I received the product, I went through the list of ingredients to ensure that it contained no harmful ingredients. I was fully satisfied as this product contained no nasties. Before trying out a new product, I always carefully read the list of ingredients and the instructions mentioned on the label. 

As per the instructions mentioned on the label, I applied this serum twice daily. This no-rinse formula should be applied to the roots of the hair and massaged for a few minutes to allow better absorption. I diligently applied this hair prime serum twice a day for two months. I could not expect a miracle to happen overnight, so I was patient, expecting a positive result. 

After three months of application, my scalp and hair health is improving. My scalp feels hydrated and well-nourished. The texture of my hair has also improved; it has become soft and looks well-conditioned. I noticed a slight reduction in the number of grey hairs on my head. My dull, lacklustre hair had become soft and shiny as if someone had pumped life back into it. I was happy that my hair and scalp reciprocated to ThriveCo’s Hair Prime Serum. I was fully in control of my hair fall issue. I continued using this product religiously for another two months. 

After five months of using this Prime Hair Serum, I noticed that the roots of some of my grey hair had turned black. I was quite satisfied with the positive result delivered by the product so far, as most of my premature grey hair had started turning black from the roots, and the proportion of white hair on my head had dropped considerably. 

ThriveCo’s Hair Prime Serum is true to its claim and is worth trying if you struggle with premature grey hair. ThriveCo’s Hair Prime Serum has improved my hair and scalp health within five months of application, reducing premature grey hairs and making my hair noticeably soft and shiny with less hair fall. I want to continue using this haircare product to see further improvements in the texture and color of my hair.


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