The Violet Box Unboxing and Review| December 2016 Violet Box Unboxing| Period Pamper Box

Hello Everyone,
Today I am going to unboxing my December Violet Box. First
of all let me introduce you what Violet Box is- It is a monthly subscription
box for period pampering. They say it is “more than a beauty box”. I know, the
concept is very unique and special to every woman. Unlike the other beauty
subscription boxes like Fabbag, My envy box, Glo Box…….Violet box is completely
related to period pampering. They divided the box into two categories one is
Violet box in which they have introduced luxury cruelty free beauty products
with some gourmet tea, dark chocolate and exotic coffee and the other one is Period Box in which you can add your period essentials like pads, panty liner
and tampons along with the beauty and other indulging products.
The Violet Box Unboxing

About the Company:
It is basically a Pune based company founded by Yogita Mutta
and Laukik Bathura. Their aim to offer unique curated luxury products packaged
in a beautiful cardboard box that cheering women up during their period. The feel
good factor of this box is unlike the other subscription boxes they donate
period essentials to women in need. They donate sanitary essentials to the
underprivileged women through many NGO’s.
The Violet Box Unboxing
How you get the Violet Box:
You can order your own Violet Box from their Website- Violetbox. 
You can subscribe for 1 month at Rs. 749/-, 3 months at Rs.
2099/- and 6 months at Rs. 3899/-.

Unboxing December’s Violet Box:

This month Violet Box is curated by Bollywood celebrity designer
Archana Kochhar and Savvy Magazine. This month box has the products worth
Rs.3600/- which incorporate 3 full sized beauty products, 6 deluxe beauty
samples, coffee and dark chocolate. 
From this month they have introduced one other monthly subscription
box for those who love drinking teas and coffees – they named it Day Drinking
. So from now the Violet box will be filled with only beauty and grooming
products and if you are into teas and coffees then you can subscribe for the Day
Drinking box as well.

December Violet Box includes:

Roots & Herbs skin polishing body scrubs- 50gm.
The Violet Box Unboxing
Roots & Herbs Argan face cleanser- 50gm.
The Violet Box Unboxing
Roots & Herbs skin polishing body scrubs- 50gm.
The Violet Box Unboxing
Roots & Herbs Pomegranate moisturizer- 50gm.
The Violet Box Unboxing
Bon Organic Wild Rose Shower Gel- 30gm.
Lavender and bergamot dry shampoo- 30gm.
The Violet Box Unboxing
Thalgo Clearing Corrector- sample sized.
ThalgoNutri Rich Cream- sample sized.
Thalgo Smoothing Cream- sample sized.
Hydra Merine Cream- sample sized.
The Violet Box Unboxing
Christopher cocoa: 55% Dark Assorted Chocolate- 40gm.
Colombian Brew: Arabica Bean Instant Coffee- 8 servings.
The Violet Box Unboxing

I will definitely come up with full reviews of each products on my blog
very soon so keeping eyes on for that.If you like this month’s Violet Box or
have already subscribed for the same then do let me know in comment below that which
product/ products you like most in December’s Violet Box. I would love to hear
from you.

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