Most Effective Oil Control Face Wash and Face Mask : Review | Inatur Herbal Oil Control Face Wash and Face Mask Review

Hello Everyone,
Summer is here and people like me start facing oiliness,
break outs and dullness already. You guys must be knowing that I have oily to
combination skin and something it misbehaves too much. The main issue about
oily skin is acne and break outs. Excess oil and sebum acquire dirt into the
pore which leads to cause acne and pimples. So for oily skin people, it is
foremost step to clean up face using right oil control face wash and treated
skin with a product which would help in controlling the oil secretion and also shrinking
down pimples.  I have received two
products from the brand Inatur Herbals couple of week before and I have been
using these for 15 days now. So I’m ready to share my reviews on Inatur Herbals
Oil control face wash and oil control face pack
Inatur Herbal Oil control face wash comes in price at Rs.
130/- for 75ml.
Inatur Herbal Oil control face pack comes in price at Rs.
300/- for 112gm.
About Inatur:
Inatur Herbal is an ISO, GMP and HALAL certified company
which is founded by Pooja Nagdev, renowned Cosmetologist. They also have a
range of natural skin care, hair care and personal care products which are 100%
safe to use. All of their products are dermatologically tested and Halal
certified. They are sulfate free, Paraben free and pH balanced as well. Inatur
do not use any harmful, synthetic ingredient in their products and Inatur is
against animal testing- so its all vegan.

My review on Inatur Herbal Oil control face wash:

Packaging: Now coming to the packaging, it comes in a green
colored transparent plastic tube with flip open cap which contains every
detailed information related to the product. The packaging is quite common like
any other face washes – nothing fancy. Cap shuts with a satisfying click sound
and that makes it spill proof and easy to carry.

My Experience with Inatur Herbal Oil control face wash:

The first thing that caught my notice that it contains 5
ingredients like Basil, Clove, Neem, Tea Tree and Turmeric which are known for
curing acne and pimples and that moment I was really happy to see the product. The face wash has strong and herbal fragrance which fades away when
rinse off. The product comes out from the tube is basically a thick gel with
tiny green and blue soft particles. The particles melts on the face when rub in
circular motion and that create soft foam. Foam can be easily washed off with
plain water without leaving any greasy residue behind. The best thing is that
it has tea tree oil which preventing the occurrence of pimple and acne. I
really love using tea tree essential oil in my face wash as well as tonner. So
this is the right product for me in this summer.
I use this face wash two times a day now and quite happy
with the result. It helps in controlling the excess oil pretty well and doesn’t
make the skin oily after few hours. Neem, basil and tea tree oil gives a
cooling effect to my skin. My skin feels so much refreshed, clean and oil free right
from post application. It also helps in maintaining the pH balance so my skin
never complains about any dryness or skin irritations. It does smoothen my skin
and reduces any redness or break out. My skin really appears more healthy,
glowing and spotless after using this face wash.

My review on Inatur Herbal Oil control face mask:

Packaging: the face pack comes in a green and white plastic
tub with screw open lid. It has an extra tray lid inside which preventing
spillage and also from drying out. All the relevant information is printed on
the tub itself. In short the packaging is good and basic.

My experience with Inatur Herbal Oil control face mask:

This pack appears off white in color and has very soothing
and refreshing peppermint smell. Consistency of this face pack is very smooth
and creamy with no gritty beads. It applies smoothly without tagging. Post
application it leaves strong cooling and tingling sensation to the skin because
of 5 precious herbs like tea tree, clove, Tulsi( Indian Basil), lemon and neem.
I generally apply this face mask thrice a week. First of all I make sure to
clean and wash my face with Inatur herbal oil control face wash and then apply
a thick layer of it leaving the eye area. Let it dry for 7-10 minutes and then
rinse off with cold water. The face mask washes off quite easily without much
tugging and rubbing which is a big Yay! for me at least. It makes my skin feel
smooth and glow-y the moment I washes it off. 
It also helps in toning up the
skin and minimize the pores as well. This mask does control excess sebum
secretion which in turn leaves my face remains oil and shine free for long. I
had 3-4 zits around my face before start using it. Can’t believe to see that
from second use it smoothens the bumps and reduces the redness. After 4-5 uses
it makes the zits completely disappear and leaving a spotless glow to my face.


  • Inexpensive.
  • 100% natural.
  • Enriched with 5 herbs that really preventing the occurrence
    of pimple and acne.
  • Remove and control excess oil.
  • Clean unclogged pores.
  • Vegan.
  • pH balanced.
  • Gentle and effective.
  • Makes skin feel fresh and shine free for long.
  • Travel friendly.


  • Availably in local market is an issue. But One can easily
    find it on leading e-commerce stores like amazon, flipkart and nykaa.
  • I personally don’t like face masks those have strong
    tingling effect to the skin. Though by seeing the result, I can bear that weird
    sensation for long way. 

Rating: 4.5/5.
Final Verdict: For me these two are most effective oil controlling products so far. I would definitely recommend these products. I will buy these two in future for sure.
** PR samples but my review is honest as always.

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