Spinz Eau De Perfume Mystique : Review

Hello Everyone,
Smelling good is as important as looking good. It completes
your whole dressing up. I’m in habit of spraying something before stepping out home.
For me spraying my favorite perfume is as important as my accessories matching
with my dress. It is a finishing touch on your whole outfit. So today I will be
reviewing my current favorite perfume which is Spinz Eau De perfume Mystique.

Spinz Eau De Perfume Mystique review

INR: 299/- for 50ml.
You can buy here.

Spinz Eau De Perfume Mystique review

Notes Described by the Brand:

It is a unique and long lasting fragrance which is composed
of sensual floals, with an emphatic middle note of parma coriander and spicy
cinnamon, patchouli, moss and vetiver in dry down bring out the richness the
perfume owes its mysterious facts to the presence of numerous aldehydes which
go along with floral fruity fragrance.

Spinz Eau De Perfume Mystique review
Spinz Eau De Perfume Mystique review

Packaging: It comes in a glass bottle which is so elegant
looking, chic and at the same time cute. The bottle has purple ombre effect  which makes it look so elegant. It has transparent diamond shaped
cap which shuts nicely making it safe for travel. The whole bottle comes housed
in a cardboard box on which you can see all the details are written.

My experience with the Spinz Eau De Perfume Mystique:

Spinz Eau De Perfume Mystique review
Spinz Eau De Perfume Mystique review

When it comes to choose perfumes I really like sweet and
floral fragrances, otherwise bold musky aromas.  Very strong fragrances could irritate my
sensitive nose and lowered my mood. This fragrance is so magnificent that it
completely melts my heart. It has the right balance of sweetness and smokiness.
It is fresh, graceful and sweet which is perfect for summer. It keeps me
feeling fresh and smelling nice in the hot and sultry weather without
disturbing my senses. It smells amazing and uplifting my mood though out the

Spinz Eau De Perfume Mystique review

It stays long, even after coming home from office I can still
feel the fragrance. So do not feel to re spray it any more. Its refreshing
fragrance and long staying power makes it perfect for daily use.


  • Graceful, sweet and spicy at the same time.
  • Won’t irritate my sensitive nose.
  • Affordable.
  • Keeps you feeling fresh though out the day.
  • Stays long.
  • Uplifting summery fragrance.
  • Perfect for daily use.
  • Cute and elegant-looking packaging.
  • Good quality spray dispenser.
  • Easily available.


  • I would not suggest it as travel friendly because of grass
    bottle packaging.

Rating: 4/5.
Final verdict: I never step out without spraying any. So a
perfume is a must have for me. This perfume is summery, graceful, sweet and
spicy. It is not discomforting at all. It keeps you fresh and happy whole day
in these sweaty, sultry days. If you are looking for something to spray on
daily basis without re sprinkling frequently then you can check out this Spinz
Eau De Perfume in Mystique.  

Have you tried this perfume or other from Spinz Eau De
Perfume? What is your favorite perfume?
Share your comments below.

** PR sample but review is honest as always.

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