Mond’Sub Collagen Silk facial mask sheet and Gold Mask Sheet :Review

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Today I will be talking about biggest trend in the beauty world right now which is facial mask sheet. To be honest, I stated using mask sheets lately, specially the Innissfree ones. Now there are a lot of Indian brands that come up with different types of mask sheet. Mons’Sub is one of them. I felt that Mond’Sub mask sheets are really different and unique from the usual mask sheets available online, besides they have introduced undereye mask sheet/patch as well which is somewhat a new and innovative thing. Mond’Sub had sent me two of their mask sheets to try out, one is Anti- Wrinkle collagen silk mask sheet and other is highly raved Gold mask sheet. So let’s get down to know how these two work on me.

INR: Rs. 200/-   For Collagen Silk Mask Sheet.
And Rs.200/- For Golden Mask Sheet.
Packaging:  These two mask sheets come in regular sachet packets where every detailing related the product are mentioned along with the price and expiry date. The gold mask sheet comes in a transparent sachet, so the sheet can be seen from outside of the packet.

My views

Mond’Sub Collagen Silk Mask Sheet:
This mask sheet was really a thinner and softer one which thus protected between two films.  It was fully soaked in serum. It has very faint rosy smell which is not at all overpowering. It comes with cutouts for eyes, nose and mouth in perfect place that really ease of the application. After cleansing my face, I spread this mask sheet on my face, wait for 20 mins and removed.  It gave a cooling effect which felt very relaxing on a hot day. After removing I massaged the excess serum well into the skin. I felt that the serum is light and non-sticky. Generally the serums that come with mask sheets felt very heavy and sticky but fortunately it was an exception. I could feel that my skin became very soft and velvety post use. It hydrated my skin to a great extent.  I don’t have wrinkles, so can’t comment on that, but It did reduce look and size of pores, making my skin silky to tough. The best thing that I found is it did not clog pores or making my oily skin oilier. I did not apply any moisturizer after and that moisturizing effect was last for quite a while.

Mond’Sub Gold Mask Sheet:
First thing first, this mask sheet looks so fancy to me. It is metallic golden in color and made with kind of rubber like thing. So the sheet was thick and infused in serum which is very thick and feels sticky. This mask sheet also has hole for eyes, mouth and nose. I wear this sheet after cleaning my face, rested it for 20 minutes and removed. As usual I massaged the remaining fluid into my skin. One thing that I have noticed was because of the rubbery texture this mask sheet slipped down from my face, so I laid down and enjoying cooling and relaxing effect it gave. After removing I did not feel any extra ordinary changes on my face except that my skin felt very hydrated and moisturized. But the next day I was waking up with radiant glowing skin.

Rating: Mond’Sub Collagen Silk Mask Sheet- 4/5
Mond’Sub Gold Mask sheet- 3.5/5
Where to buy: you can buy them from amazon, flipkart or also order from their instapage here.

Final verdict: I find this mask sheets are bit expensive than the regular one from innisfree or the face shop. But the outcomes really worth the price. Overall, I’m very happy using this mask sheets. For me these are kind of spa like thing that give me facial like result at home.  Mask sheet works really quickly, that’s why it becomes most popular skin care product right now. So if you are busy and tired mom like me then start pampering yourself with Mond’Sub Facial mask sheets. 

Have you used Mond’Sub Facial Mask Sheets? Share Your comments below.
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**Disclaimer: Products were sent by the brand, but my review is honest and unbiased 

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