Aroma Essentials Sebum Control Gel : Review

Hello Everyone,
Today I will be talking about another product from Aroma
Essentials. I reviewed their orange splash last week you can check out my review
here. Today I will share my experience with Aroma essentials sebum control gel
which I have been using since two week now. Controlling sebum is my biggest
concern now days, as I’m sweating a like hell and see new bumps are appearing
everyday around my face. Really Monsoon makes my skin’s condition worst. After
using this gel for a week on daily basis, I breathe a sigh of relief now. So without
any more delay, let’s get straight into the review.
Review of Aroma Essentials Sebum Control Gel

INR: 175/- for 20gm.

Packaging: Packaging is basic and tidy. The gel comes in a
small plastic container with screw open lid. It also has an inner lid to
prevent further spillage. Necessary information is printed over the container.
Overall, packaging is cute, sturdy and easy to carry.

Review of Aroma Essentials Sebum Control Gel

My Views

It is a cloudy white gel with consistency on thicker side.
It smells like faint tea tree oil. Texture is smooth and weightless. It easily spreads
on the skin and also gets absorbed quickly. It doesn’t leave any grassy residue
It has Aloevera gel as base ingredient with blends of
different essential oils like tea tree, thyme, lavender and salicylic acid.
These oils are immensely known for their oil control, anti-bacterial and
anti-inflammatory property. Salicylic acid helps in controlling acne, keeping
pores clear and unclogged. It also reduces secretion of excess sebum from the
I used this gel after cleaning and toning properly. At the
very first use I experienced a bit burning sensation on my skin and for that I
was scared and stop using it for 2-3 days. But for the sake of the review I
had to apply it and I did. But after applying it 2-3 times I didn’t face any
kind of burning sensation but yes it left a cooling and tingling effect( thanks
to the essential oils) on my skin over applying which lingered for few minutes
or so. It makes my skin feel clear and matte for 4-5 hours. Sometimes I apply
it overnight and wake up with oil free fresh skin.
But it doesn’t improve or lighten my acne scars and

Review of Aroma Essentials Sebum Control Gel

Review of Aroma Essentials Sebum Control Gel

Review of Aroma Essentials Sebum Control Gel
Review of Aroma Essentials Sebum Control Gel

My rating: 4/5.
Where to buy: You can buy it here.
Final verdict: This gel can satisfy me in controlling excess
sebum and oil secretion. It leaves my face oil-free and fresh for long, but
doesn’t do anything regarding spot correction. Yes, I would like to recommend
this gel to someone with oily and acne prone skin like me. I think it will satisfy
your needs in controlling excess sebum.

Have you used Aroma Essential Acne Control Gel? Share your
comments below.
that’s all for today. See you in my next post.

**Disclaimer: Product was sent by the brand, but my opinion is completely honest and unbiased. 

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  1. This is so new for me sebum control is like a blessing for those who have heavily oily skin…like myself. Though the texture looks thick but thanks to your detailed review I am looking ahead to own one.

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