How to throw a Spa party at Home

We all need a little bit of pampering to
help us refresh and recharge from time to time. One of the best ways to both
have fun with our friends and indulge in soothing treatments is throwing a spa
party at home. We all need a little bit of pampering to
help us refresh and recharge from time to time. One of the best ways to both
have fun with our friends and indulge in soothing treatments is throwing a spa
party at home. All you need to completely unwind and forget about your worries
for a few hours is your bathrobe, a pair of comfy fluffy slippers, and with a
mixture of pleasant ambience, delicious food and nourishing treatments, you’ll
have an unforgettable spa party without ever leaving your home.

How to throw a Spa party at Home


How to throw a Spa party at Home
A pleasant ambience is crucial for a
relaxing spa party. Place various aromatic candles all
over the room to make the area welcoming and calming. Also, for the more
intense scent, think about lighting up essential reed diffuser scented sticks.
Oil burners and potpourri will fill the room with nice smells that will help
you enjoy the whole day of pampering. The soothing aromas of sandalwood,
jasmine, lavender, chamomile, clary sage, and bergamot will help you reduce
stress and create a true oasis of relaxation. With a Spa-inspired mixtape,
you’ll provide your friends with an ultimate Zen-like feel. 


How to throw a Spa party at Home

Light food goes amazingly well with the
natural healthy feel of a spa party. Prepare some healthy snacks your friends will enjoy. Fresh
fruit and raw veggies are a great choice, while homemade finger sandwiches will
fit into the entire ambiance perfectly. One way you can make them is by using a
prepared chicken salad from the nearest supermarket, two apples and slices of
bread. It’s quick, easy and will go amazing with indulging cocktails, that you
can also make by yourself.

With 2 oz of orange juice, 1 tbsp of Grand
Marnier, champagne, and crushed ice you can mix delicious mimosa cocktails to
help you enjoy the party to the fullest. White wine and champagne are great for
setting the mood as well. Green tea, ice water and flavoured water with fruit
are perfect low-calorie alternatives if you don’t want to serve alcoholic

Favors and treats

How to throw a Spa party at Home

One of the best ways to commemorate this
special occasion is to prepare personalised gifts for your friends. A
little memento of this amazing day will make them feel special and they’ll
remember that spa day as one of the most enjoyable days of their lives. A
personalized nail polish bottle with the favourite nail polish shade is something
every woman needs in her beauty bag.

Whether you put some
memorable quote, a date of the spa party, or maybe her name on the nail polish
bottle, every one of your friends will love it and have both useful and stylish
present to use for a long time. After you’re done with the gift exchange, you
can continue with treating each other with a manicure to make the party even
more fun and enjoyable.


How to throw a Spa party at Home

A replenishing face mask is all you need to
feel as if you came back from a week-long vacation. Make sure you have masks
for every skin type prepared, because dry skin won’t feel as nice after a face
mask that is specifically made for oily skin type. A face mask with soothing ingredients like
chamomile, and hydrating ingredients, like grapeseed or flax seed oil is
perfect for skin that’s breaking out. If on top of breaking out, your skin is
oily as well, try a mud-based mask, because it’ll absorb oil and eliminate

Enlarged pores and aging skin need a
combination of hydrating, firming and clay mask. If you’re dealing with a dull
complexion a brightening mask with daisy flower or salicylic acid will solve
the problem. For dry skin, use rose face mask to get that glowing complexion
and ever needed hydrated skin. Manicure and pedicure treatments, as well as a
soothing massage, should all be included into a spa treatment. That way, you
can achieve the ultimate spa-like feeling. 

Final thoughts

Throwing a spa party at home has never been
easier. If you create a pleasant ambience, offer your friends some healthy
treats, and soothing treatments as well as a little something they’ll remember
the entire occasion by, you’ll be a wonderful hostess and everyone will enjoy
the party.

Guest Post By- Amy Mia Goldsmith  Facebook | Twitter

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  1. Throwing spa party at home sounds really interesting and new idea. Never heard such parties but really can be amazing ones. I like the tips for these. Will try if i get a chance .

  2. Wow!! Good to know about these tips to host a home spa party. Thanks for sharing these ideas here. Would love to implement them for my home spa party but these days I am quite busy in arranging my sister’s bridal shower at one of San Francisco event venues. Want to make best arrangements for her.

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