How To Make Children’s Day Special For Your Kids at Home

Hello Everyone,
Children day is just around the corner and it is widely recognized as a day of celebration. But as a parent, I really feel that this celebration mainly restricted to school events only. We parents do not put many efforts to make our little one feel special on that day. I feel we parents are taking this day to a school event and do not celebrate it at home. So in this Children’s day, let’s come forward to celebrate and make it a remarkable day for our little ones. And for that, today I bring to you few fun ideas to celebrate children’s day at your home and make this day special to your kids.

1. Decorate their room– Decorate their room or living room with cartoons, stickers, ribbons, and cutouts or whatever your kid would like.  You can also ask your kids to help you on this, it will definitely make them feel involved, engaged and special.
2. Throw a surprise family picnic– In our daily busy life, our little ones are being detached from their grandparents. Even we sometimes could not take out time to accompany them to their grandparents’ place or have dinner or lunch together. So in this children’s day, cook your children’s favorite dishes and arrange a surprise family picnic with their grandparents at your home.
3. Cook their favorite food together– You can have a great time together by cooking your little one’s favorite foods. This will can bring you closer and stronger your bond. By learning them how to cook, you can not only teach them responsibility but you might discover your child’s hidden talent.
4. Play fun games together– Kids get pleasantly surprised and love it when their parents stop being their usual strict selves and behave like kid with them.  So you can arrange some fun games to play together like a water fight, pillow fight, hide and seek. You can even arrange kid’s disco, dance with your little ones and bring out the child in you.
5. Watch their favorite movie together- Turn your home into kids theater. Make popcorns and watch their favorite movie or cartoon together.
6. Gift them toys, books, and stationaries- Kids love getting gifts and toys. We parents probably know what does interest our kids. So gift them accordingly. You can gift them toys or sports kits or comic books, I’m sure this will make them happy and feel special.

7. Share their most favorite Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates with them– Who doesn’t love chocolates? Not only the kids but we parents also adore chocolates. Children’s day celebration will be incomplete if we won’t gift and share their favorite Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates with them. So bring it on.

Spending time with your little one is important and with our lives being so busy we sometimes neglect to spend quality time with them.  So on the occasion of this Children’s day let’s come together and do a little effort to make your most precious one happy and feel special.  Stop being strict for one day, bring out that small kid inside you and behave like a kid again and don’t forget to share Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with your kids to celebrate this Children’s Day to the fullest.

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Hope you enjoy reading this post. How will you celebrate this Children’s Day?
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Happy Children’s Day

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  1. Just amazing ideas for kids to celebrate children's day. I just love the idea of decorating their room and make their special food. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas.

  2. Just amazing ideas for kids to celebrate children's day. I just love the idea of decorating their room and make their special food. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas.

  3. Oh this will really make the Children's day happy! I will definitely give my kids a Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates, and I'm sure they will love this. We will enjoy eating chocolates together.

  4. It would be really fun to cook food together. Also who wouldn't like getting chocolates, that too Cadbury. I'm sure all kids will be happy to get chocolates on this special day.

  5. Such a lovely collage you have made along with the cadbury one. I loved all your ideas and specially the one of decorating the room with your child. They indeed love to be involved and do get things done in their room.

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