Look Back Year 2017


Hello Everyone,
So the year 2017 has finally come to an end. It has been a roller-coaster ride for Through My Pink Window. Yes, in this year I make some awesome friends, followers and most of all I have found my new love- Makeup. In short, this 2017 has been a great a twelve months session for me. Hope the New Year will bring more awe-inspiring things like this year. So today I am going to re-share some of my favorite makeup looks. Hope this awesomeness would be continued to 2018! So here is my LOOKBACK 2017.
Look Back Year 2017

My First Smokey Eyes Look-

Look Back Year 2017
Smokey eye is something that could never go out of trend and you can wear smokey eyes with any outfits from western to Indian. The classic smokey eye is only the makeup that can be paired up with party dresses as well as with traditional sarees and it is the easiest makeup look I feel.
To know step by step tutorial of this classic smokey eyes, read the post here.

Purple smokey eyes look-

Look Back Year 2017
If you want to do smokey eyes but want to add some color or glam to it as well, then a purple smokey eye is the best look to create. You can see the steps here.

Green and blue Eyes look-

Look Back Year 2017
Green and blue both are my favorite kind of colors. So I created this look to keep this in mind. This look was fresh and easy to recreate and very colorful too. Check the full tutorial here.

Independence Day Inspire Makeup look-

Look Back Year 2017
This was my first inspired eye makeup. I was so thrilled and excited to create this eye makeup. It was my way to show gratitude and love for my nation. I felt so proud to create such make up.
Check the full look here.

Bronzy Metallic Eyeliner Look-

Look Back Year 2017


Look Back Year 2017
2017 has brought some new and super glam trends on the internet, Metallic eyeliner and lips are one of them. So I tried this super glam, festive ready Bronzy Metallic eye Liner look. It is perfect for carrying to parties or functions. See the step by step methods here

Devi Durga Inspired Makeup-

Look Back Year 2017


Look Back Year 2017
Being a Bengali, It was a dream to doll up like Maa Durga. So, I could not stop myself to try another inspired makeup look which is inspired by Devi Durga. It was a soft cut crease eye makeup with sharp winged liners. This look is very close to my heart.
Check the full makeup look here

Halloween Makeup look-

Look Back Year 2017
Durgapuja is ending to Diwali. Yes, we Bengalis think that way! And Diwali started with the planning of creating Halloween looks. This time I can’t stop myself to try this super fun makeup.
I named my Halloween look “Silent of Death”. See the full steps of this look here

Blue Smokey Eyes Makeup look-

Look Back Year 2017
The color blue is always been very close to my heart. I love it to the core and it has been my desire to do a blue smokey eyes look from the beginning. This is one of my best makeup look of 2017.
Check the full step by step looks here.
Now, we just come to the end of the post. Hope you enjoyed my Look Back this year. Do share your favorite or memorable things of 2017 in the comment below. Until Next. Bye.
Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year



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