Take Your Weight Loss Resolution To the Next Level With OZiva Protein and Herbs For Women

Hello Everyone,
Pregnancy does a lot of changes in a woman’s life. Hormonal changes, gaining weight and losing good hair and skin are just a few of them, but I am sure every woman is facing these after or during pregnancy. And I am not an exception to that too. I was losing hair and good skin but gaining weight. I have been struggling with losing weight since last year. I joined a gym, met dietician and trying to follow every single advice she has given me. But believe me, sometimes it was very difficult to follow every instruction and be in regular at the gym. One day she suggested me to take pure whey protein powder as I couldn’t be regular to attend the gym. She said that protein powder, especially whey protein aids to lose weight as it improves metabolism and lean muscle mass which can help to reduce body fat and deliver essential nutrients. You guys know me that I always opt for something that more natural and organic. In search of such natural made vegetarian protein powder I came across a brand –“OZiva” which offers different protein powders both for men and women, made of Ayurvedic Herbs and vegetarian resources. I have been taking their Protein and Herbs whey power for Women for almost two weeks now. Today I will be jotting down here my experience with this product.

About OZiva:

The lack of nutrients, irregular meals, and consumption of fast food become an integral part of our modern day lifestyle. So the basic needs of essential protein and nutrients could not be filled up by what we eat, hence it leads to a deficiency of essential minerals and nutrients.
OZiva is a young brand based out of Mumbai which works on low calorie, high protein range of products enriched with Ayurvedic Herbs and essential vitamins and minerals, to help meet daily requirements of nutrients while making healthy living convenient.

Indeed, we are the first brand in India to be launching Protein with Ayurvedic Herbs as well as Meal Replacement that is specially crafted separately for men and women. They bring us tailored solution to help us meet our daily nutrition requirements whether we want to lose weight, gain Muscle or are just looking to eat healthily. They worked with several industry experts, nutritionists and researchers to develop the perfect, nutrition-rich products ranging from well- rounded meal replacement to high protein blends.

Read more about OZiva- here.

OZiva Protein and Herbs For Women, Whey with Ayurvedic Herbs –Café Mocha

INR: 3199/- for 1kg but currently at Sale price Rs. 2654/- (Here)
Where to buy: You can buy from Amazon

The Key feature of Protein & Herbs for Women 

  • OZiva Protein & Herbs is the first Protein shake with Ayurvedic Herbs specially formulated for women in India as well as globally
  • It combines Class A Whey Protein with BCAA (amino acids) and Ayurvedic Herbs like Flaxseeds (Omega-3), Tulsi, Shatavari, Green tea Extract
  • OZiva Protein & Herbs comes with 28 added Vitamins and Minerals
  • It is Soy Free, Gluten Free, Non GMO with no artificial sweeteners
  • It provides 22g protein in one serving which helps in meeting atleast 30-40% of daily protein requirement
  • It is FSSAI approved and different ingredients that go in the product are imported from different countries like the USA

Benefits of taking Protein & Herbs for Women 

1.       To improve Metabolism 

2.       To ensure that diet is not protein deficient
3.       To improve hair and skin quality as protein is building block for hair and skin

How to Consume 
It can be taken with water or skimmed milk or almond milk
If you are not exercising you can take half a scoop with 150 ml milk daily (scoop inside the jar). If you are exercising you can take 1 scoop per day.

OZiva Protein and Herbs For Women comes in a huge plastic jar and along with a shaker. Initially, the jar was sealed and it carries all the information related to the protein powder. This is also available in sachets which are more convenient to carry while you are travelling. The shaker has measuring scale inside which helps in measuring the amount you are taking at once.

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My view

I have been taking this protein shake to the gym. What I generally do is- take 30ml pain water in the shaker and add 30gms of this protein powder (one sachet contains 30gm of powder, so for that, I added a full sachet here), shake to mix well and carry it with me to the gym. I drink it in between and after a workout.  It is advised to take a protein shake after gym when you are aiming to lose weight as it delivers amino acid to the muscle cells, helping them recover after a strenuous workout, that leads to improve metabolism and reduce body fat.
OZiva Protein and Herbs For Women, Whey with Ayurvedic Herbs –Café Mocha is light tasted, hence doesn’t irritate your taste buds. It tastes like any other chocolate shake, but I think it would taste better if you mix with milk instead of water. It is not just helping me reduce inches and also improve my overall health. I have experienced-

  • Inches loss. (Could see a huge weight loss but still)
  • Less fatigue
  • No mood swings
  • Less tiredness while workout.
  • Less urge in taking carbohydrates/food.
  • Betterment of acne condition, skin and hair texture.
  • Active body and mind.
  • Better sleep
My Rating: 4.3/5.
Final Verdict: OZiva Protein and Herbs For Women, Whey with Ayurvedic Herbs is a safe solution for people who are aiding weight loss or gain. It has a blend of Shatavari, Flaxseeds, Tulsi, Green tea which leads no side effects.
Warning: Consult your doctor or physician before taking any health supplements.

That’s all for today. Hope you find this post helpful. See you my next post
**Disclaimer: the product was sent by the brand; however my review is completely based on my own experience.

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  1. I have heard about Oziva protein and how effective they are, but never thought of giving it a try, but now after reading your review, I think that I too should give it a try to get rid of that extra weight which I want to loose badly.

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