Richfeel Cucumber Face Wash for Oily Skin and Dirt Removal: Review

Hello Everyone,
Today I will be talking about a new brand – Richfeel. Richfeel is a company, pioneered by Dr. Apoorva Shah and Dr. Sonal Shah who are India’s first certified Trichologists and certified beauty Physician. Richfeel is a one-stop solution for all hair and scalp related problems. Their specially curated skincare range is enriched with herbal extracts that nourish the skin and hair which help to solve all skin and hair issues. They are so kind enough to send me two of their product for review. I have received their Cucumber Face wash and Bramhi hair pack for nourishing hair. I have used both the product for 10 days and now I think I am ready to share my review about them. Today I will be sharing my review on their Cucumber Face Wash.

INR:  225/- for 100gm
The face wash is housed in a rainforest green plastic tube with tiptop cap. Tubes carry every single detail about the product and their prices. Caps shut on nicely, hence they are spill-proof and fuss free to use.

My View

Richfeel Cucumber Face Wash is enriched with cucumber extract which is packed with rejuvenating vitamins that sooth and soften the skin and make the skin look healthy and nourished.
It is gel based face wash with medium consistency (neither too runny nor too thick). I really like the refreshing smell of cucumber it has. For gel consistency, the faces wash is itself hydrating and delivers a cooling effect while washing. I took an ample size product onto my palm and mixed with water to create a soft lather then massaging the rather over my face and neck for 1-2 minutes. After that, rinse off with water. I really like the after-freshness it gave to my skin. My skin felt cool and hydrated. It also took the dirt and grimes off my face, leaving it smooth, clear and bright. This face wash also takes away the oil from my skin. I think that this face wash would suit me best during the summer.  So I save it for coming summer.

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My Rating: 4/5.

Final verdict: Overall, the face wash is refreshing and soothes any kind of skin irritation instantly. It nourishes the skin, makes it dirt and oil free for good one to two hours. If you are looking for a face wash which gives you hydration and cools down skin irritation and burning, then I would recommend Richfeel cucumber face wash for you.

What do you think about Richfeel Cucumber Face Wash for oily skin and dirt removal? Share your comments below.
That’s all for today. Hope you find this post helpful. See you in my next post.

**Disclaimer: the product was sent by the brand; however my review is completely based on my own experience.

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