Rainbow Eyes Makeup Tutorial | Monsoon Makeup Look

Rainbow Eyes Makeup Tutorial | Monsoon Makeup Look

Hello Everyone,

Makeup is like survival supplies for me. Makeup makes me feel being alive. Makeup means passion, love and being myself.

Today’s post is a part of Monsoon blog train. I have to write on something related to monsoon. Monsoon means rains and rains call for a beautiful rainbow. I have been so smitten with the 7 colors of rainbow since my childhood. So this time I didn’t miss the chance to embellished my eyelid with it. Hence, I created a makeup look with glamorous rainbow eyes. So read on to see the step by step tutorial.


Rainbow Eyes Makeup Tutorial | Monsoon Makeup Look

Step 1:
Prep your eyes with primer and concealer to cancel any discoloration.

Step 2:
Take a matte brownish orange shade in a fluffy blending brush and buff it into the crease and blend in upward strokes.

Step 3:
Take a medium brown eyeshadow on the same blending brush and blend it further.

Step 4:
After that, take a deeper brown shade on a pointy eyeshadow blending blush and start defining the eye socket. Blend this three shades nicely but with a light hand.

Step 5:

Now take my favorite concealer and conceal the lid area. Apply with a small angular brush for a precise and clean edge.

Step 6:

Now it is the time to build our beautiful rainbow. So to start off, apply a reddish pink on the outer corner with a small pencil brush, then apply an orange shade overlapping the pink shade, then apply a yellow shade overlapping the orange shade and so on.

Go on softly. Keep packing the color. Do not blend.

Step 7:
Now take the same brown shade and touch up the crease. Go on very soft handed.

Step 8:

Now take a shimmery liquid liner or metallic liner and draw and line on the crease line( refer the picture).

Step 9:
Now grab your favorite eyeliner and draw a cat or winged liner. Apply that deep brown shade with an angular brush on the lower lash line and smudge it further with that rusty brown shade. Apply a champagne highlighter on the brow bone area. Tight line both the eyes. Groom your brows.

Step 8:
Wipe off any fallout. Conceal under eye area. Apply loads of mascara to finish off your look.

And the final eye makeup is-

Rainbow Eyes Makeup Tutorial | Monsoon Makeup Look Rainbow Eyes Makeup Tutorial | Monsoon Makeup Look Rainbow Eyes Makeup Tutorial | Monsoon Makeup Look Rainbow Eyes Makeup Tutorial | Monsoon Makeup Look Rainbow Eyes Makeup Tutorial | Monsoon Makeup Look

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What do you think of today’s look? Did you enjoy it? If you have any suggestion, please do let me know in the comment below. I would love to hear. If you are going to try this look then share your makeup look with #throughmypinkwindow, so that I can check and appreciate.

That’s all for today, stay tuned for more such tutorial

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  1. Wow your eyes is looking so beautiful with that rainbow shades and specially the thick liner. Will gonna follow you for make up tips 🙂

  2. Since the time I saw this post on your social pages, I was eager to read on the complete post. The makeup looks absolutely perfect and so as per the monsoon season. You have beautiful eyes Papri.

  3. You look gorgeous.. such a unique style and done with so much perfection. It’s lovely

  4. I am loving the look of rainbow inspired eyes on you. This is such a fun makeup look for Summer. You look absolutely gorgeous x

  5. Rainbow eyeshadow look absolutely stunning on you babe. Tha is for sharing the steps to recreate this one. Great post xx

  6. So beautiful eye makeup , in monsoon perfect rainbow eye makeup . I will try and show you pic but I am sure I will not able to make it as beautiful as you did it

  7. Just loved the rainbow eye makeup! It is looking so pretty and not at all weird or in your face!

  8. I follow your eye makeup looks. This one is best! What else we can think when it is monsoon!! Really its an art. The way you have used the colors just amazing.

  9. That’s a beautiful colourful look.it Looks pretty on you. Wish I could do something like this toi

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  11. Gorgeous as always. You surprise me with your stunning makeup looks 🙂 I love the silver lining it adds that spark in the whole look.

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