How to create a makeup look using Gold Eyeshadow

How to create a makeup look using Gold Eyeshadow

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The best time of the year is here where you need to attend a number of wedding functions, Christmas and New Year parties and a bunch of night outs. So, you have to be the best version of you (look wise of course). In this post, I’m going to break down an easy peasy makeup look with gold eyeshadow which you can wear almost every outfits.

Gold is the color of Royalty. I believe, Gold is one of the most versatile shades that do justice to each and every makeup looks and outfits. One can wear golden eyelids with Indian as well as western attire. No one can go wrong with the gold eye makeup look. That’s why I’m choosing a gold eye makeup look here.

Since the market is flooded with different types of eyeshadows I’m sure, you guys have sometimes been confused while choosing the right one. So, before digging into the tutorial, let’s have a look at different types of eyeshadows out there.

  1. Powder / Pressed Eyeshadow:

Powder eyeshadows are the most commonly used shadows. These are easy to apply and blend. You can layer them up to intensify your shade according to your wish.

  1. Cream Eyeshadow:

These eyeshadows are creamy and velvety to touch. These are easy to blend with fingertips. Cream eyeshadows generally come in the form of pencils, crayons or pots. If you have oily eyelids, cream eyeshadows are a big no-no for you.

  1. Liquid Eyeshadows:

Just like liquid lipsticks, these eyeshadows come in a cylindrical bottle with long applicator. You need to be real quick while applying liquid eyeshadow as it dries fast. Avoid if you have oily eyelids.

How to create a makeup look using Gold Eyeshadow

  1. Glitter eye shadow:

Glitter eye shadows are the smasher globally in the makeup world. Glitter eye shadows are available in two forms- Pressed glitter and loose glitter. Some may find it tricky to apply glitters on eyelids, but once you get accustomed to it, no one can stop you to hypnotize people every time.

I hope you guys gathered a clear idea about eyeshadows, now, let’s start with the gold eye makeup tutorial.

How to create a makeup look using Gold Eyeshadow

Step 1: Prime your eyelid. It is the most important and unskippable step of gorgeous eye makeup. Priming helps to remove any discoloration and enhance the intensity of color. It creates a super smooth base for eyeshadows to blend seamlessly and stays put for long.

Step 2: Next I took a light brown shadow almost the same color tone with my skin as a transition shade. I buffed the shade on to the crease and above.

Step 3: Next I took a warm brown shade on the same brush and intensify the crease line.

Step 4: Now, I took a dark brown almost a chocolate brown shade on a small brush and apply on the outer part of the eyelid. I kept on layering the product until I got the desired intensity.

Step 5: Time to take the Show Stopper of this look – A shimmery Gold Shadow. You can use a flat brush or your fingertip while applying the shadow. Here I used my fingertip to pat the shadow on the inner 2/3 of the eyelid. Next, I took a soft fluffy blending brush with no product on and blended all the harsh lines.

Step 6: Applied liquid liner and kajal on the waterline. Smudged the kajal lightly with a warm brown shade on the lower lash line.

Step 7: Applied loads of mascara and falsies to finish off the look.

How to create a makeup look using Gold Eyeshadow

Hope you enjoy my tutorial. You can find all types of eye shadows on Nykaa with the best makeup offer.

That’s all for today’s post. Hope you find it helpful. Until next time.



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