Vanya GulaabFresh Rose and Jasmini Shower Gel : Review

Vanya GulaabFresh Rose and Jasmini Shower Gel : Review

Hello Everyone,

Who doesn’t love an indulging spa experience in the comfort of own home? When comes to the spa, I just adore calming, uplifting rose fragrance. I hope you could understand that I’m trying out a new product these days. It is a body cleanser by Vanya.

Today’s in this post I’m going to talk about the brand Vanya and their Gulab fresh rose and jasmine shower gel.

Vanya is probably a new skincare brand, so let’s talk about it first

Vanya means the goddess of Van or Forest. At Vanya they strongly believe that good things have to be started at home. Vanya products are handcrafted with utmost love and care and of course with some exotic and purest NATURAL INGREDIENTS harvested from the foothills of the Himalayas and the lush green countryside of India.

All of their products are organic, 100% pure and natural, cruelty-free and safe to use.

As you know I’m a hoarder of nature and organic skincare products, it is a pure joy trying out Vanya products.

Now coming down to its nitty-gritty detail……


Vanya GulaabFresh Rose and Jasmini Shower Gel : Review

Basic and travel-friendly. The shower gel comes in a dark-tinted plastic bottle with an aluminum screw cap. Under the cap, there is a stopper cap which ensures that there’s no spillage while traveling with it. I would be very happy if they slightly upgrade its packaging and fit a pump dispenser instead of just a stopper cap. You need to pour the shower gel directly from the bottle openly which kind of messy and unhygienic. The bottle is housed inside a thin cardboard box. Both the box and bottle carry related details about the product.

Key Ingredients:

Pure Himalayan rose water

Pure Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

Vegetable Glycerine



Rose & Jasmine Oil Blend

Vanya GulaabFresh Rose and Jasmini Shower Gel : Review

All the ingredients are completely natural and cold compressed.

Brand’s claim :

  • Doesn’t dry out your skin after use.
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Easy to wash off
  • The subtle and sensuous scent of rose & jasmine oils
  • Refreshing & uplifts mood

Vanya GulaabFresh Rose and Jasmini Shower Gel : Review

How to use

“During the bath, take a small amount and apply gently on the wet body with your palm or a wet loofah to cleanse the skin and exfoliate dead cells. Rinse off thoroughly with clean water, followed with Rose and Jasmine Body lotion for moisturizing skin. When Rose & Jasmine shower gel and body lotion are used in combination it leaves long-lasting fragrance” – As per the brand.

INR: 650/- for 100ml.

Where to buy: You can buy it here.

My Experience

The first thing that I noticed was its subtle and uplifting rose fragrance. The smell is not all at overpowering rather it makes you feel that you are doing a home spa.

The shower gel has moderate texture and consistency. It neither too thick nor too runny. You need to pour a generous amount onto loofah. It doesn’t create rich foamy lather which means it doesn’t contain soap or SLS. The soft lather easily washes off with plain water. The shower gel doesn’t leave any slimy residue on the skin. It removes easily with one wash leaving behind the heavenly fragrance of rose and jasmine on the skin which lingers for some time.

I take a good amount of gel in the loofah and gently rub all my body. It doesn’t lather much. My whole bathroom gets filled with the heavenly fragrance of Rose and Jasmin. Everything is no less than a luxury home spa experience.

It makes my skin feel soft, refreshed and rejuvenated. The best thing it doesn’t strip off skin’s natural moisturizer. Rose, being a natural moisturizer itself, makes skin smooth and hydrated. It also helps maintain the skin’s natural pH balance and also works as anti-bacterial.

Not just that, this shower gel contains Aloe vera extract and plant-derived ingredients like pentavitin and vegetable glycerin. Aloe vera soothes skin irritation if any and also protects the skin from pollution and other environmental damage. Pentavitin and vegetable glycerin keep you hydrated and nourished for long and prevent moisture loss.

This easy to use body cleanser is gentle and doesn’t dry out skin post. The best part is its mild and uplifting aroma which instantly claims down your senses and relaxes your mood.

But this shower gel is a bit overpriced which I feel a turndown.

Vanya GulaabFresh Rose and Jasmini Shower Gel : Review Vanya GulaabFresh Rose and Jasmini Shower Gel : Review Vanya GulaabFresh Rose and Jasmini Shower Gel : Review

My Rating: 4/5.

Final Verdict: After a hectic day, a warm bath with Vanya GulaabFresh shower gel is truly a treat. It relaxes my senses and uplift my mood and refreshed my skin. It cleans all dirt, grime and tiredness effectively. I would recommend Vanya shower gel to all.

That’s all for today’s post. Hope you find it helpful. Until next time.


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