Pre Wedding Skincare Tips

Pre Wedding Skincare Tips

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At Earthy Selections we know that although weddings are the most beautiful and awaited day in a lady’s life, they also seem to pack so much stress. In the middle of rehearsal dinners, seating charts, invitations, food, finding the perfect dress and much much more, the most important part for a bride is planning her beauty regimen and taking care of herself.

Here’s a list of simple yet important tips for brides to follow before beginning their journey into the chaotic yet joyful journey of getting married.

Managing stress

Although this seems easy to write and say, it is one of the hardest to do. Handling stress and handling it well during a time like this can be visible on the face. Many inflammations like eczema, and acne flare ups happen during this time. Take time to rejuvenate with your bridesmaids. Sweat it out at the gym or go for brunch with the family. Find time to look after yourself and always delegate if you find things getting out of hand.

Visit A Dermatologist

Pre Wedding Skincare Tips

Yes, if you didn’t already know, weddings are expensive. It not only costs a lot to put up the wedding but expenses like these are common. Visiting a dermat before your wedding and devising a strategy to improve or work on your complexion, wrinkles, dark spots or any other concern you may have will work for your wedding day and after that too.

If you feel like you need something a little less pricey, visiting a salon and getting facials done might be more affordable and will work according to your budget.


Like everyone says, what you are on the inside will be seen on the outside. Diet is so crucial when preparing for a wedding. Skip alcoholic drinks, fizzy drinks and oily food till your wedding day. Opt for leafy greens and fresh fruits and vegetables that keep you full and are nutritious.

This small but effective step will change the way your overall complexion and body look when it’s finally time to walk down the aisle.

Pre Wedding Skincare Tips


Reinol is your best friend when it comes to healthy skin. You may need to do a little research and patch test before finding the perfect retinol that compliments your skin, but it’s worth the time and effort. Retinol will help diminish discoloration and boost collagen, which means more fresh and clean skin. Retinols do tend to have side effects so be sure to start retinol way before you start looking for that perfect dress.


Pre Wedding Skincare Tips

One of the most effective ways to reduce stress is to get into the habit of keeping out time to meditate by yourself in silence. Just 15-20 minutes of meditation will help a bride feel calmer and more relaxed to take on various tasks. Promoting positive energy and thoughts will help the process pass smoothly.

Going All Natural

Pre Wedding Skincare Tips

It’s a sensitive part of life and surely a stressful one. Trying traditional methods of ayurvedic medicine can help a bride look and feel different. Opting for ayurvedic body massages like Jwalini and Thailam is proven to help smoothen and clear the skin. Use essential oils before you sleep. Spraying an essential oil like lavender on your bedsheets and pillows will help you relax when you and your body are resting.

Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

One of the nightmares for a bride to be is the appearance of dark circles. Not only is it hard to cover up but can so easily creep up on you and you wouldn’t even realise it. All the regeneration in our body happens when we sleep. That’s why sleeping and sleeping well is so important. Sleeping 8-10 hours is a must during a stressful time like this.

Pre Wedding Skincare Tips

Hopefully, these pre bridal tips help you through this wonderful journey. Developing great habits and rituals through this period will benefit you in the future as well.

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