Satthwa Premium Hair Oil : Review

Hello everyone,
After pregnancy I have suffered from massive hair fall. I
know every mom does. Certain hormonal changes made my hair dry and rough.
Basically I was blessed with volumized and wavy textured hair by birth except
that I have premature graying from my childhood. But after my child birth
everything has changed.  I started losing
hair like crazy, hair texture became thin and rough. Everyone said that it
caused due to pregnancy which made me believe that it was just an after effect
and would reduce gradually and I would have my old good hair back. But trust me
nothing has changed in this 2 years except my hair become little soft and shiny
because of some organic, chemical free shampoo and conditioner. Some weeks back
I have received Satthwa Premium Hair oil as a PR sample from the brand. After
then I did not waste much time to use it and trust me the oil does magic to my
hair in just two weeks. So Today I’m will be sharing the review on Satthwa Premium
Hair Oil
"Satthwa Premium Hair Oil review @throughmypinkwindow"

INR: 599/- for 100ml.
Before Start with the review let me introduce the man behind
it- Mr. Prasant Parikh who is the founder and owner of Satthwa. Mr. Parikh had
been fighting hair fall since a couple of years. After trying out various brands
with zero improvement, he came up with his own formulation. His oil is now
become most effective hair fall control oil and loved and used by 5000+ people
around the country.
"Satthwa Premium Hair Oil review @throughmypinkwindow"
"Satthwa Premium Hair Oil review @throughmypinkwindow"
What does Satthwa hair oil claim?
Control Hair fall.
Promotes hair growth.
Fight premature graying.
Clear dandruff
What does the brand say about this oil?
“Satthwa” means pure in Sanskrit so they are bound to
maintain the purity.
It is 100% natural and chemical free hair oil. The oil is a
blend of 9 different oils which actually super effective on hair. It contains
1. E.V coconut oil which promote hair growth and prevents
dandruff and makes hair thick.
2. Sweet Almond oil which improves blood circulation thus
smoothens cuticles and prevent shedding.
3. Castor oil which darken hair and stops premature graying.
4. Amla oil which is natural source of vitamin A & C,
reduces hair fall and prevent hair graying.
5. Emu oil which act as a fortifying agent for hair.
Simulate dormant hair follicles and help with new hair growth.
6. Jojoba oil which has antibacterial property, help in
unclog pores, repairs hair and cleanses scalp.
7. E.V. Olive oil which treats dry and damaged hair, makes
it soft and smooth.
8. Vitamin E oil which provides antioxidants, Keratin
Strength and reduces fizz.
9. Grapeseed oil which promotes hair growth and delaying
hair ageing.
Usage direction:
Shake well before use. Apply oil on scalp and massage it for
3-4mins. Leave it for overnight and wash with alcohol free shampoo.

My review on Satthwa Premium Hair Oil:

"Satthwa Premium Hair Oil review @throughmypinkwindow"

Packaging: The hair oil comes in a basic plastic bottle with
flip top cap. You can find all the details about the product on the label. The
cap shuts tightly enough, making it fuss-free and spill-proof.
"Satthwa Premium Hair Oil review @throughmypinkwindow"
Color and Smell: The oil is light yellow in color and has
natural fragrances of Olive oil and castor oil.
"Satthwa Premium Hair Oil review @throughmypinkwindow"
Texture and consistency: I feel that the oil has thicker
consistency than any other hair oil. The texture is rich and heavy. It does
spread easily and evenly on my hair and wash off easily with any mild shampoo
without leaving any oiliness behind.

My experience with Satthwa Premium Hair Oil:

"Satthwa Premium Hair Oil review @throughmypinkwindow"
If you read my blog then would know that I’m not an oil
person as I have oily acne prone skin which act wired when I apply oil
overnight, I would wake up with acne face undoubtedly. So when it comes to use
any hair oils I usually apply it 2-3 hour before shampoo. I applied this oil as
the brand direct and washed with chemical free shampoo. I have been using this oil
for 3 weeks now, 2 times a week, so in total I used it 6 times now. It does its
job of controlling hair fall and reducing dandruff wonderfully.  After washing my hair become softer than
before.  It reduces hair fall to a great
extent rather say from massive to 2-3 hair strands a day which causes due to
breakage while combing hair. As this oil is heavy in consistency I did not
apply conditioner after shampoo and was amaze to feel the effect, it felt the
same as it used to be after using conditioner. The oil leaves my hair feel
soft, nourished and bouncy. I did not experience itchiness due to dry scalp
after using it, thus it helps in removing dandruff. Though I do not see any
regrowth and reduce hair graying till now but I think regular usage may prevent
premature graying as well as promote hair growth.


  • 100% Chemical free product.
  • Free from paraben, SLS and artificial color & fragrance.
  • Contains blends of 9 different oils.
  • Reduces hall fall and dandruff gradually.
  • Effective on premature graying and promote hair regrowth.
  • Non sticky formula that spread evenly and wash off easily
    with mild shampoo.
  • Makes hair look healthy, shiny and bouncy.
  • Helps in healing itchy scalp.
  • Provide good nourishment to dry and frizzy hair.


  • Pricy.
  • Not available in the local market, But one can easily find
    this oil on their own site as well as flipkart.

Rating: 4.5/5.
Final verdict:  It is
magical oil for me at least. It controls hair fall, premature graying, dandruff
and also promotes new hair growth. So in long story short this oil actually
works, it does what it claims. Hair graying and regrowth may takes some time to
effect but it does its job of controlling hair fall and improve hair texture
beautifully in just two weeks(if used regularly). I would highly recommend this to everyone
specially new moms. Yes I’m going to repurchase it in future for sure. It is a
bit expensive but its efficiency worth every penny.
Have you use Satthwa
Premium Hair oil? Please share your comment.
That’s all for today,
Stay Tuned for more such daily dose.

** PR sample but the review is completely honest and

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  1. I've been struggling with post pregnancy hairfall too. And this sounds like an amazing oil to combat that. I definitely need to try this. Lovely review as always 🙂

  2. I am also struggling with post pregnancy hairfall… This sounds good for all moms those who have same problem… And ingredients combination is also very interesting … Thank you so much for this useful post.

  3. The ingredients look like they will work wonders for the hair, I am looking desperately for a good hair oil that promotes hair growth hair is always covered in Hijab so I know how essential hair care is. Also, I am prone to acne, so I am looking out for an oil that doesn't let acne make another concern for me… will try this out since you say that you never had breakouts after… thanks for introducing this

    1. Yes, I'm also prone to acne, so I don't leave oil overnight and this oil reduces my crazy hair fall and also improve the hair texture. Give a try, I think you will love it for sure.

  4. Wow they are all natural oils! I hope it'll help me against greying. I have extremely damaged chemically treated hair 🙁 hope the oil is worth its price.

    1. I also have gray hair since my childhood. I did not see any difference regarding premature graying still now, but I believe that it will work. I continued using. I will update this post if I feel any difference on that.

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