Inatur herbal Oil Control Facial Foam : Review

Hello everyone,
Controlling excess oil and acne are my biggest concern these
days, because heat and humidity are on full swing right now. So my skin is
getting oiler and welcoming new bumps every then and now. Few days back I came
across a product from Inatur herbal, which is their Oil Control Facial Foam.  I have already used their oil control face
wash and it worked wonder in controlling excess oil and sebum secretion. So I
didn’t waste much time and placed an order. I have been using this before
monsoon start and can say that it controls my acne and break out to a great
extent. So today I’m here with the review of this facial foam wash.

Review of Inatur herbal Oil Control Facial Foam

INR: 320/- for 150ml

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Packaging: The wash comes in transparent plastic bottle with green pump
dispenser which is secured under a transparent plastic cap. You can find all
the nitty gritty details about the product printed on the label. The product itself
is light green colored but once you pump the dispenser, you will get the foam oozing out from the nozzle. Overall the packaging is nice and travel friendly.

Review of Inatur herbal Oil Control Facial Foam
Review of Inatur herbal Oil Control Facial Foam

My view

Most common problem of oily skin’s people is acne and break
outs. Excess sebum secretion leads to accumulate dirt into pores which turn to
clog pores and cause acne. So you have to choose right product that control
excess oil production and also deeply cleanses the pores.
Inatur herbal Oil control Facial Foam rich with the extract
of 5 different herbs which are basil, clove oil, tea tree oil, neem and turmeric.
These are commonly known for their anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties
and controlling acne and pimples.
It has very fresh and strong herbal fragrance. The foam is
light and creamy and creates a rich lather. It rinses off easily without
leaving any greasiness behind. It is 100% soap free formula and also helps in maintaining
the skin’s pH balance.
I used two pump of this to clean my face. I applied it on my
wet face, massaged in circular motion, it turned into soft creamy lather and
then washed off with pain water. It gave cooling effect on my skin (thanks to
clove and tea tree oil) which indeed felt very refreshing. It removes oil, dirt,
sweat right away after washing off and leaving my face smooth and clean post
use. It doesn’t make my skin too oily after few hours of post usage so can say
that it controls oil and sebum secretion effectively.
The only complain that I have is this facial foam doesn’t
available in the local store.

Review of Inatur herbal Oil Control Facial Foam

Review of Inatur herbal Oil Control Facial Foam

Review of Inatur herbal Oil Control Facial Foam

My Rating: 4/5.

Where to buy: You can buy it from Nykaa.

Final Verdict: Every monsoon I experienced several skin
problems but this year I have felt way more difference in my skin’s behavior as well as skin’s texture. Thanks to inatur herbal for making such miracle
product. I feel that I have started using it at right time. So all the people
with oily skin out there my humble request to you to try it out once, I think
you will thank me later for that.

Have you use Inatur herbal Oil Control Facial Foam? Share your comments below.
that’s all for today, see you in my next post.

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  1. Always changing climate cause damage to skin n change its texture n behaviour….. N monsoon is wen oily skin turns more sticky n breakouts are here….inature seems to be really effective….

  2. I really like the foam face wash as they cleanse the dirt more than any gel or cream face washes. This brand is totally new for me but looks great and effective. Would love to try this

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