St. D’vence Moisturizer Ultra-Enriching Body Lotion Autumn Edition : Review | Body Lotion for Dry to Extra Dry skin

Hello Everyone,
In winter my skin craves for nothing but hydrations. As the winter is on the full swing now, my skin already feels dry and stretchy. A good moisturizer can only be the saviour. A couple of weeks back the St. D’vence Moisturizer Autumn edition has arrived at me. It came just on right time. I was just amazed at its ingredients as it is a fully natural made product. So without wasting much time I was straightway digging into the body lotion. I have been using it ever since and today I will be sharing my experience with St. D’vence Moisturizer Autumn edition.

INR: 275/- for 100ml.
Where to buy: This Moisturizer exclusively available at Amazon (Pre-order only).
Packaging: This amazing product comes housed in a tiny transparent bottle with black flip top cap. All necessary details about the products are mentioned on its label. The bottle itself is so handy that it can easily sit into your handbag. It doesn’t take much space as well. That’s why I carry it everywhere I go and reapply when needed. The cap also close nicely which ensure no spillage.

My View

As I said, this lotion happened miracle for me. The white lotion is thick in consistency and creamy in texture.  The texture is so thick that you have to literally shake the bottle to get the product out on your palm. In spite of being thick and creamy, the formula feels light on the skin. It absorbs deep into the skin without much rubbing and being sticky. It doesn’t leave any oiliness on the skin either.  The best part of this moisturizer for me is its smell. Ahh! Fresh and fruity, exactly how I smell the “Autumn”.
Now talking about it ingredients, It has blend of Argan oil, Avocado Butter, Olive Oil and Vitamin E. It is rich with some super hydrating ingredients like Argan Oil, often call Liquid Gold, is used to intensely hydrate, softens and bring in natural glow to the skin, Avocado fruit butter, native to South America is packed with twenty-five natural ingredients like Vitamin A, B, C, E and Vitamin K, protein, fiber, and minerals. I have been using Avocado Oil as well which is a superfood for the dry skin. The best thing is it is 100% vegan with highly premium botanical and essential oils. So there is-
➧ No Paraben
➧ No Mineral Oil
➧ No Phthalates                              
➧ No PEG and PG
➧ No Harmful Chemical
When I applied the moisturizer, it hardly took time to blend and absorb. It did not feel heavy on my skin rather my skin became extra soft, supple and super hydrated instantly. Believe me, I can see a noticeable difference in my skin texture, within a second or so after application, my skin imparted a soft glow.  The effect stayed for good six to seven hours and thereafter it required reapplication. So I just carry this bottle with me and use it when needed. You can see from my picture that how dry and dull my skin looked before and just one application it became so hydrated and radiant.
If you would ask me for “Dislike”, I would love to say- None. Yes, Dear St. D’vence I really fall for your product and thank you so much for this royal experience.

My Rating: 4.8/5
Final Verdicts: Nothing to say more! My picture says it all. St. D’vence moisture Autumn edition is a unique blend of ten premium ingredients that immensely hydrate the dry to driest skin. I have used so many body products and was still hunting for something that quenches my skin’s thirst in winter. Thank god I got this! By now, it is going to be my staple for every upcoming winter.
Have you used St. D’vence moisturizer Autumn Edition? What you think about this product. Share your comments below.
That’s all for today. Hope you find this post helpful. See ya!

**Disclaimer: The product was sent by the brand however my review is completely honest and unbiased.

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