Wear Dynamic Pen Eyeliner the right way from Clamy Cosmetics

Wear Dynamic Pen Eyeliner the right way from Clamy Cosmetics

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Today I am back with another eye makeup which you would love to know about. We require our eyes to be perfect even on regular days. The most used eye makeups are kajal, eyeliners and mascara. Here I am gonna talk about Clamy Dynamic Eyeliner and how to apply it in perfect manner.

Clamy based Dynamic Pen Eyeliner is unique black liquid pen eyeliner. This eyeliner is highly pigmented with the benefits of waterproof and smudge proof nature. The additional benefit is its quick feature. You don’t need to wait for drying and its safe for eyes. Even with the Dynamic Pen Eyeliner, you need to apply it quite a precise manner. Following are the steps you need to follow while applying Eyeliner.


  • Clean your eyes with tissue with wiping out the dirt with tissue. If you have oily skin, apply some loose powder with brush which allows the eyeliner to stay longer on eyelids.
  • Start from the middle space extending to the edge on both sides. Covering the lid fully with filling the gaps in between lines by overdrawing it over lid.
  • After drawing once intensify it and draw back-forth for the dark and clean spotless line. For perfect alignment create it a little thick.
  • We need to extend the eyeliner from the outer lash line. Continuing with the lower lash line, draw an extending line to the outer corner of the upper lash line.
  • After finishing the lower lash line fill the gaps if created any in between the lash line. Use smudge brush or could use finger on the line to rub a little and even the layer application.
  • After completing with these steps take some loose powder in the brush and apply it smoothly below the lower lash line for an accurate finish. Follow the same for the upper lash line.
  • For even better look apply mascara on lashes and use eye shadows to highlight the eyes.

Wear Dynamic Pen Eyeliner the right way from Clamy Cosmetics


Wear Dynamic Pen Eyeliner the right way from Clamy Cosmetics

In conclusion, I would say it provides a quick drying layer of black liquid which defines your eyes to make them perfect for regular and occasional makeup. The shape of the pen is quite handy to use, apply and carry along for being travel-friendly. Also with the mentioned steps, you will be able to apply eyeliner in a perfect manner.

I hope this article might have helped you to understand the application of Dynamic Pen Eyeliner. Let us know if you have any question or doubt in the comment box. Also, keep following Through My Pink window for more such awesome content

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