Organic Skincare Products Haul ft. Deyga

Organic Skincare Products Haul ft. Deyga

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Autumn is slowly starting to embrace my city and it has already started feeling chills at night.  To be honest, my skin has started getting dry and stretchy nowadays. So I began taking some extra care of my skin. Recently I came across an organic skin brand – Deyga. You know guys, how much I keen on Organic and natural skincare products. So I ordered a few of their best seller without a second thought.

I have been using products of Deyga for almost a month now and already fall it. The most appreciating part of these products is their ingredients which are pure, freshly picked and undergo biological processes like fermentation, distillation and cold processing. In this post, I will be sharing my experience with Deyga. Please read on to know more!

I picked up 4 of their best sellers from the treasure of their handcrafted products. Here’s what I grabbed-

  1. Deyga Natural Deodrant in Vanilla-
    Organic Skincare Products Haul ft. Deyga

    I always wanted to use a natural deodorant since I have super sensitive skin around the underarm. Thereby I need to rely only on essential oils when it comes to apply any fragrance. So, when I discover this natural deodorant stick on their website, I couldn’t resist myself trying out it. The best part is made of all pure and natural ingredients like Vanilla essential oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, kaolin clay and bee wax which never cause any harm on your skin like other chemically-laden deodorant does. It not only takes care of the sensitive skin of your underarm but also keeps the skin nourished and absorbs sweat instead of blocking it. And with a sweet and cheerful note of Vanilla, this wonder stick can make any dull day bright.

  1. Deyga Aloe vera Gel- Organic Skincare Products Haul ft. Deyga

    Being a sensitive prone skin person, aloe vera gel has been my constant for ages. I can’t think of a day without aloe vera gel. You guys probably know the uncountable benefits of pure aloe vera gel on the skin, hair and what not! So, I had to pick it. Deyga Aloe vera gel is the purest form of aloe gel which has nothing but aloe vera extract only. It is a transparent gel that is free from any kind of artificial color, fragrance and chemical preservatives. It leaves your skin baby soft, radiant and hydrated. I apply this gel overnight as a night skin repair mask and the next morning wake up with a rejuvenated soothing bright skin. It also helps in reducing acne, pimples and other skin issues.

  1. Deyga Rosewater-Organic Skincare Products Haul ft. Deyga

    For me rose water is a must in every skincare routine. It not only acts as a facial toner and skin refresher but also acts as a natural astringent and reduces skin sensitivity. As I said, I have sensitive skin, applying rose water is a year-round ritual for my skin. Again Deyga Rosewater is no more than a steam distilled rose blend that contains no chemicals like artificial color, fragrance and harmful preservatives. It helps to hydrate dull skin, restores pH balance and tone skin. It works as a natural moisturizer and also removes grimes and pollutants from deep down the pores to freshen up the skin. Not just that it helps tighten pores and prevent skin aging.

  2. Deyga Beetroot lip balm-Organic Skincare Products Haul ft. Deyga Organic Skincare Products Haul ft. Deyga

    As the season of chapped lips is approaching, I needed to stock up on lip balms. I already heard some rave reviews on this particular lip balm, thanks to social media. Hence I picked it up without any hesitation. To my surprise, when it arrived, I got to see it was a fully colored lip balm and that color was obtained from beetroot (yes! No artificial colors went in making this lip balm) and it could leave a pretty good tint on my lips. Besides beetroot, it contains almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and bee wax which heal chapped dry lips and keep it moisturized for long hours. It makes the lips soft and supple and prevents the lip’s natural moisture from losing, This leaves a beautiful tint on my lips which stays on for quite some time and it works like magic on my dry pigmented lips. It is one of the best lip balms I have ever tried and I’m definitely going to buy this lip balm for the rest of my life.

You can buy these products from their website.

That’s pretty much it of my small skincare haul from the brand Deyga and  I’m definitely looking forward to buy few more products from them. Do let me know which products you like the most and wish to try out yourself.

That’s all for today’s post. Hope you find it helpful.



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