5 Jewellery gifts for your bestie

5 Jewellery gifts for your bestie
No matter how well and from how many years you know your best friend. Choosing the perfect gift for her is still a heavy deed. Especially for girls, there’s so much to choose from that it almost confuses us for the particular item. But gifting something to your best friend should be exclusive and that can stay near her heart.
Here are the few ideas of jewellery gifts for her best friend as prettier as her:
1.     Regular Pendants
5 Jewellery gifts for your bestie
Pendants are the best gift for any girl. First, they are easy to wear and a usable item. Second, they look cute and go along with everything outfit and attire. Every time your bestie will be wearing the pendant she will feel like, you are around. You can also check out the online pendants for multiple designs and styles only at IndiaRush at affordable prices and exciting offers. Whether your best friend is a working woman or college going girl, wearing these pendants will make every outfit look good.
2.     Body Chain
5 Jewellery gifts for your bestie
Body chains as present are the best life saver idea you can ever come across. To lift up the look of plain body hugging outfits, these body chains are mandatory. If your best friend doesn’t like carrying heavy jewelleries and accessories, this would be the best way to pull off basic or plain colour outfits. She can also carry the beautiful chain with beach wear and glorify the outfits by adding a charisma to the wearer’s personality.
3.     Designer Earrings
5 Jewellery gifts for your bestie
Imitation jewellery includes a larger and popular segment of jewellery criteria. Earring do garnered all the attention for all the right reasons. Be it designer earrings or necklaces, they are best to go always. Gifting these earrings to your bestie so that she can glam her look up with these, is really a great idea. Designer earring is a must have item for giving a spark to the boring plain outfits. Be it western or ethnic wear, these earrings will bring life to her attire.
4.     Cuff Bracelet
5 Jewellery gifts for your bestie
Bracelets are the updated version of bangles with improved features. These bracelets have taken over the accessory market with all the wide variety of styles, patterns, and materials. You can easily choose the kind as per your outfit demands. Easy to carry, stylish and classy look. These cuff bracelets cover a large part of wrist and glam up the outfit in minutes. Be it western wear or ethnic, these bracelets go along with everything pretty well. Available in multiple styles and materials, this high part of imitation jewellery is a great gift idea.
5.     Statement Necklace
5 Jewellery gifts for your bestie
Statement neckpieces are a quintessential part of accessory that every woman should have in her collection. And hence your best friend also requires this beautiful jewellery piece in her collection as well. With whatever she pairs these beautiful necklaces; they have the power to lift her game up and glam her look in minutes. You can choose the length of statement necklace as per the preference. They are easily available just like the online pendants.
Gift her something from this list and see the big blushy smile on her face!
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  1. Great blog and nice post. I was searching for jewelry gifting ideas and I happened to land here. I like the idea of gifting regular pendants. She also likes it. Thanks for your tips.

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