How to take care of your feet in Winter

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We always pay attention to our face and skin but forgot to take care of our feet. I feel that the most ignored part of our body is our feet. We take out time to pamper and care for our skin and hair but always tend to ignore our feet. For that feet become dry, flaky and dead cell around the toes and heels which leads cracked on heels.  This cracked heel not only looks unappealing but causes serious pain as well and this aggravates specially during the winter. As the winter is about to come, so today I bring to you few tips on How to take care of your feet in winter spending only a few minutes a day.
1. Cleaning and scrubbing-

Cracked heels can be a cause of dead skin around the feet and toes. Our feet accrue most of the dirt and grime throughout the day which then accumulates into cracks of the heel which leads the situation worst. So cleaning and scrubbing this dead cell off is the important part of foot care. Take out just 2 minutes while you are bathing and scrub your toe edges and heels using a pumice stone and clean with soap or body wash. Dead skin becomes soft under water so it takes less effort to get rid of it. Make this a habit and try to follow every day or alternate days for softer and cleaner heels.

2. Moisturize after shower-

It is really important to lock the moisture into your feet which is lost in cleansing and scrubbing. So after bath, apply a good moisturizer or body lotion to damp feet, so that it can penetrate deeply into the skin and keep the moisture lock for a while. In winter it tends to lose moisture easily from our skin, hence this step would definitely help in retailing the moisture.

3. Foot Soak-

On weekends treats your feet with mini pedicure. No, no you don’t have to go to the salon for the pedicure done. You can easily do this at your home. Pour some lukewarm water into a big vessel, add some bath salt and few drops of your favorite essential oil into it and your foot soak is ready. Relax and soak your feet for 15-20 minutes. This makes the dead skin around your toes and heels soft and also clear out the grimes from cracks and edges. At this point scrub your feet using a soft brush which can take off the dry rough skin with an ease making your feet and heel softer and smoother than before.

4. Clean cuticles properly-

Now the crucial part is to clean the toenail using a small angular brush. Dirty nails and cuticles look bad, so make it a habit to clean them properly during foot soak.

5. Apply a good foot cream-

The most important thing is to choose right foot cream. Appling only petroleum jelly onto your cracked heels is not sufficient I believe as it can only soften the area and provide hydration for few hours. It doesn’t play any role in curing and healing the wounds. So choosing a right kind of foot cream that has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties like Himalaya Foot Care cream is the most essential thing.

Himalaya Foot Care Cream is priced at Rs. 110/- for 50gm which is super affordable and it contains Sal tree extract which has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also has the goodness of turmeric and fenugreek which are known for their antiseptic and anti-inflammatory actions. Regular use of this foot cream cannot only soften your heels but can heal up the cracks as well.
This cream has a thick and creamy texture which goes deep into the heels, start curing the wound from within. Apply Himalaya Foot care cream every night on your clean foot and heels before going to bed, so that the active ingredient can work their magic and you will have soft, smooth and happy feet within a week or so.





You can also read full review on Himalaya Foot care here.
That’s all for today. Hope you will find this post helpful.
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  1. In winters my heels mostly cracked and skin too gets very rough and dry. I agree these days feet needs more care. And your tips are really helpful for me to take good care of my feet. Thanks for sharing.

  2. In winters my heels mostly cracked and skin too gets very rough and dry. I agree these days feet needs more care. And your tips are really helpful for me to take good care of my feet. Thanks for sharing.

  3. A much needed post in dry winters. Didn't know about the know about the anti bacterial properties in the Himalaya cream. We often take a shortcut and use petroleum jelly but its worth using such an easily available product instead for so much better results

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