My baby is Smiling Now- I have a solution for her Blocked Nose

My baby is Smiling Now- I have a solution for His/her Blocked Nose

As a mom, it is truly heart-breaking to see your little one suffer from a blocked nose and discomfort. Nasal congestion does cause a negative impact on our daily lives, as it doesn’t allow a child to sleep and therefore the kids get irritable and drowsy. Not only that, our child becomes whiny. They get extremely cranky because of the discomfort caused due to nasal blockage. Children, especially infants, tend to avoid eating or breastfeeding, as they find it difficult to feed due to the nasal congestion. So it is necessary to free them from the blocked nose as quickly as possible.

I know, as a parent, I do suffer emotionally when my baby gets a nasal congestion. We also experience lack of sleep and find our patience squirming. If you are a mom of an infant or a toddler, the challenges become more difficult as children between the age group of 0-1 years are obligatory nose breathers. So when it’s blocked, they have difficulty breathing, which leads to eating and sleeping problems as well. As when sucking a bottle or nursing, your little one naturally needs to breathe through their nose. That’s why it is really important to free up their blocked nose during feeding.

My baby is Smiling Now- I have a solution for His/her Blocked Nose

Needless to say, I also faced these challenges in my life. So when my little girl got nasal congestion, I followed these tricks which actually helped her in decongesting her nose. So today I’m here to share those tips and tricks with you moms. Hope these will help you in your parenting.

  1. Saline (Saltwater) Drops- Saline water or saltwater drops really work as wonder. You can buy it from any medical shop and put a few drops into each nostril. It cleans some mucus and relieves your baby for a while. You can repeat this process as often as you need.
  2. Keep them hydrated- Give your little one plenty of liquids which keeps them hydrated and thins out the mucus in the nose. So that it runs out easily and quickly.
  3. Create a steam room- You can create a steam room to reduce stuffiness. With an infant, you can add humidity to the nursery as it helps to loosen up the mucus.
  4. Spend quiet time with you baby- Because of less sleep and discomfort, your little one becomes very cranky and stressed. So make sure they get some rest. Do spend some quiet time with your baby.
  5. Highly tolerable nasal spray- You can try a Nasal Saline Solution specially designed for your baby’s little nose. They contain a low-dosage active ingredient and are highly tolerable for baby’s sensitive nose.

Nasivion Paediatric Nose Drops

My baby is Smiling Now- I have a solution for His/her Blocked Nose

I have been using Nasivion Paediatric Nose Drops for years now. Its active ingredient Oxymetazoline is well tolerable on the nose and provides up to 12 hours of easier breathing. Nasivion Nasal Saline Solution being the first line of treatment, as it is safe and can be used by anyone. If the problem is aggravated then after consulting the doctor, one can opt for Nasivion (Mini) Baby Nose Drops or Nasivion Paediatric (Child) Nose drops depending on the age of the child.

Dosage: Use Nasivion Paediatric 0.025% for children aged between 1-6 years of age and 0.01% for infants. Intranasal administration for infants below one year up to the age of 4 weeks, instil 1 drop of the solution into each nostril 2-3 times per day. From the 5th week of life until the age of 1 year, instil 1-2 drops into each nostril 2-3 times per day or as directed by a physician.

Important Note- Consult a doctor before using.

For more information, do visit their website – Here.

That’s all for today. Hope you find the post helpful.



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