Silver Bracelet Styles For Women

Silver Bracelet Styles For Women

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If you are interested in buying the lady in your life a silver bracelet, there are many different designs to choose from and with items to suit any occasion, it really is a matter of personal taste. Knowing her trends in clothing and jewellery will definitely point you in the right direction, and with that in mind, here are some ideas to give you some added inspiration when searching online for that perfect silver bracelet.


  • Leather Braided Silver Bracelet – This stylish and elegant bracelet goes with just about anything and the leather brings depth to the outfit. Hand weaved leather in a range of rich colours makes for an attractive addition to any outfit.
  • Chunky Link Bracelets – If she likes to make a statement and is an outright go getter, consider a chunky link bracelet, which goes with almost every outfit. Most girls won’t part with theirs and it soon becomes a permanent feature and with some engraving, you can add that special message. Check out Corazon Latino’s attractive range of silver bracelets as they are among the leading online suppliers of fine jewellery to suit every style and occasion.
  • Silver Charm Bracelet – If she hasn’t already got a charm bracelet, this is the perfect time to introduce one to her jewellery collection. If she has, then you could always buy her a second one, something of a different style that can be worn at any time.
  • Nail Bracelet – Sleek and shiny, the nail bracelet is in a class of its own and perfect for that stylish dinner date at a trendy restaurant. Shiny sterling silver and Italian design come together to create a stunning piece that will perfectly set off that exclusive designer dress.
  • Sound Wave Silver Bracelet – These are very fashionable this year and with a choice of widths, there’s something for every size. Personalisation with a special message is a nice romantic touch and the hammered sterling silver plate leaves a highly polished surface that is ideal for engraving.
  • Liquid Silver Bracelet – White silver really does give a great contrast to a dark outfit and with a matching necklace, you have the perfect accessory for that cocktail party look. Earring of the same style finish off the look and with online jewellers that have an extensive catalogue, choosing something just right is simple.
  • Jade and Turquoise Bracelets – Add some colour to her favourite outfit with a jade or turquoise bracelet and with fine sterling silver to match, this style is perfect for those casual days. She might have a precious stone preference like amber or jade and there are online jewellers who stock an extensive range of precious stone and silver bracelets.


If you know her style of dress and, of course, personality, finding the right silver bracelet is that much easier. Online browsing saves you valuable time and with a good idea of her style preference, it won’t take long to find the ideal bracelet and a secure online payment sees the item delivered to your door.

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