Sharate Aaj – The dead of autumn blown away by the power of Maa Dugga

Sharate Aaj – The dead of autumn blown away by the power of Maa Dugga

Autumn means fallen dead yellow leaves in welcome of fresh greenery. For Bengalis across the globe, Sharate Aaj means Durga Pujo which is also the name of an original Bengali series by ZEE5. The series embodies the true spirit of demolishing evil while celebrating Devi bodhon.

The cast has done a magnificent contribution to the already good storyline. Parambrata aka Mahbub, Payel Sarkar aka Sahana (the lady love), Anaya, Tridibesh, Ganguly, Rahman, Allem, and Anwar they all had been the saga of this beautiful series.

A special mention has to be made about the to cinematography and the choreography. The language pun of Bengali in its true essence, Hindi efficacy of Bengalis and Western English language compulsion or proficiency is also properly presented in the series.

About the central characters, the chemistry between Mahabub and Sahana adds more spice to the entire plot line and is the main highlight of the show. Also, Rabindra Sangeet, Banglabhasa and the subdued yet heroic efficacy of  Parambrata took my breath away throughout the series.

Series review

The series consists of 6 episodes which are named after the rituals of Durgapuja.

Mahalaya is the first episode that depicts the preparation of Durga Pujo with the initiation of the plot. Durga Puja, Bengali, and Kolkata is sparkingly connected with Bhaat or rice on Parambrata aka Mahbub’s platter, it is metaphors like these that amped up my entire watch.

Being a Bengali, I acknowledge that nothing can make your day fulfilling without “Dupur belar bhaat and macher jhol” – and this idea was well communicated at certain points in the series.

Prothoma, the second episode in the series reveals a window of characterisation of each role. I am still tuned to the dhun of Aaj Dhaner Khete that plays in this episode. There are many moments in this particular episode that will make you nostalgic about Kolkata, in my case, it was rehearsals for my college concert.

Ashoni, the third episode reveals the sturdy growth of evil attack plan that was hinted at and building in the background. It also completes the story of love, inclination, affection and strength of wisdom and goodness.

Proloy, the fourth episode makes the thrills and Bengali quotient stronger and will take your experience to the next level. The conspiracy deepens in this episode and takes the stakes higher, increasing our tension.

In Uttoron, the fifth episode, all characters learn a bitter truth about their life. They are ready to take up the challenge with whatever vitality they are left with them.

In Bijoya, the last episode, Ravan is set on fire and love is celebrated with acceptance and blessings from Maa Durga, durgatinashini.

Under such circumstances, will they demolish actual demon who reside between them? What happens to Mahabub and Sahana? Will they toil between right or wrong? Or, Will they accept each other, despite all hurdles and bitter truth? What happens to Swapno and Titir? That’s for the viewer to see in Sharate Aaj.

Special mention about Director-Actor Parmbrata

Sharate Aaj – The dead of autumn blown away by the power of Maa Dugga

Parambrata’s acting efficacy is needless to define or appreciate. His direction is also super flawless. He has created a mark in both Bengali and Hindi cinema in recent days. Moreover, his heroic grandeur in the envelope of good “go-bachara Bengali babu” is something that I really fell for. He has been a smart actor, a director and now he is entering as an excellent producer into the web space with such great thriller/drama series. For every audience, this series has something or the other to relate with life and pride of being Bengali. No matter, if you are a Bengali or not, you must watch Sharate Aaj now.

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  1. The story sounds really interesting. I am so glad Zee 5 is producing good regional content, that was really missing earlier.

  2. this seems to be a awesome series in ZEE5. Wow, your write up is inspiring me to binge watch this fab series . Ia m going to check out the Sharate Aaj for sure. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. series sound very interesting , I still have to watch the series. Zee5 know its viewers what they will like and how to entertain them with great series

  4. This looks like an amazing series, the story is so cool and intriguing.Also being an ardent fan of PArambrata I have to check this out.

  5. I am loving the variety and quality of the content Zee5 is providing, Sharate Aaj looks like another such amazing work. Will definitely try to watch the same this weelewe. Thank you for sharing 🙌

  6. While we are flooded with a lot of web series , ZEE5 is setting up some major standards here. I love the office beat concepts behind it’s movies and series. Really commendable.

  7. I don’t watch Bengali series as such but I find the premise quite interesting. Zee5 has good content and I look forward to catching a show soon.

  8. Having spent considerable time in Kokata and attending durga puja in the city, this serial sounds rather interesting to me. Will surely be watching the series.

  9. I didn’t watch any regional series but I can say after reading the reviews of many ZEE5 series, It has a wonderful collection.

  10. I am so intrigued to watch this show. The concept sounds amazing and then there’s Parambrata my favourite. Totally watching this.

  11. Sharate Aaj seems a really gripping series. The backdrop of Durga Puja seems to offer a special aura to the series. Would love to watch though do not know Bengali.

  12. First of all if its Parambrata I know i gotto watch it. Secondly I am been blown by the content of zee5.

  13. Firstly if its Parambrata I am not missing it, secondly Zee 5 has such a wide range of shows to offer its’s commendable

  14. Sharate Aaj sounds really intriguing. I love the acting of Parambata and have see you mentioning about him in one of your other posts too. I would love to watch this.

  15. Parambhrata is one amazing actor . Zee5 has awesome collection of series must watch this one

  16. I have always been interested in regional serials but never knew which to watch. Thanks to your post, I will now start with this series.

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