Solitaire Rings: Every woman’s best friend!

Solitaire Rings: Every woman’s best friend!

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A solitaire ring is referred to a ring with one significant piece of a solitaire diamond. It may have small diamonds, but the solitaire steals the show. Diamond solitaire rings are the top choice for men as well as women for proposal or engagement.

Diamond solitaire rings come in multiple solitaire shapes and cut. Did you know that round shaped diamonds account for almost 75% of all diamonds sold worldwide? The rest comprises of Oval, Emerald, Marquise, Cushion, Trillion and Princess.

While shopping for solitaire rings online, you can also play around a bit with the metal used in the ring. The most common and preferred metal is white gold. Other colours of gold are Yellow Gold and Rose Gold. The latter has gained a lot of attention because of its gorgeous hue!

If you have seen all of these and want something a little better but in the budget, go with diamond solitaire rings with more than one colour in the metal. A streak of a different coloured metal adds so much to the ring, only in terms of design.

However, if you are willing to get something out of the box, choose platinum as a metal. While shopping solitaire rings online, you can easily ask your jeweller to customize it in Platinum. This metal comes only in silverish-white hue.

However, before diving to pick diamond solitaire rings from a pool of options available online, make sure you know what she wants. For instance, if she loves a solitaire ring to be only about the stone, go for one with a simple shank, good mounting and a considerably sized solitaire (above 50cents). However, if she believes in making her proposal ring a larger than life jewellery, you can get a smaller sized solitaire with a fancy setting like channel setting, halo setting, three-stone setting or vintage setting.

Another option is stackable diamond solitaire rings. Stackable rings make quite a fashion statement on its own! It comprises of more than one ring that can be worn together or separate. The main is a simple solitaire ring accompanied by casual diamond or gold rings on the side to add to it’s ensemble.

Diamond solitaire rings indeed make the perfect accessory while for a proposal.


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  1. I totally agree Solitaires are every woman’s best friends. Those who dont have one want it and those who have , totally adore solitaires. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I only have one solitair ring and that is from my engagement. I would live to invest in couple of more pieces..may be on my 10th wedding anniversary (in 2.5 years) , I can ask my husband for a big solitaire ring 😉

  3. Diamonds are girls best friend. Diamond can make any girl so happy. Loved your post so informative and helpful to everyone.

  4. Who doesn’t love wearing solitaire rings, you just can’t have enough. I have 2 and I want more after reading your post.

  5. I don’t know about them being my best friends but how I would love to own a solitaire 😁 someday! 😁

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