Top 5 sensitive wipes in India

Top 5 sensitive wipes in India

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Everything that goes around a baby should be handled with utmost care and love. A newborn baby has very tender skin and anything harsh or chemical laden can cause skin irritation and rashes. So we should check every detail of products that goes near around a baby’s super soft skin.

Baby wipes are generally used to clean baby’s skin, especially during diapering. So if you are not using a quality wipe to clean your baby’s delicate parts after poops and pees then you will probably get into stress with your baby’s skin.

You all probably know that not all wipes are same. They may vary in terms of thickness, softness, grade of cloth/material used and moisture. You have to choose the best baby wipe for your little bundle of joy based on skin type.

You should take care the following criteria while purchasing wipes for your baby-

Plant-based cloth

Wipe wipes

Paraben free, harsh chemical free

Artificial fragrance-free


Maintain skin’s pH balance

Thick and soft material

100% disposable

In today’s post, I’m going to make your task a bit easier. Here’s my pick of Top 5 sensitive wipes in India.

  1. Mother’s Sparsh 99% pure water wipes –

Top 5 sensitive wipes in India

Mother Sparsh has recently launched India’s first ever Premium 99% water based baby wipes featuring unscented formula with medical grade cloth for a sensitive baby. These new wipes are formulated especially for extremely sensitive skin. These wipes are made with the finest natural plant fabric and pure water. There are absolutely no paraben, alcohol, sulphate, fragrance or any other chemicals. This Premium baby wipes are 3 times thicker and softer than then any other wipes which make them perfect for cleaning baby’s tender and sensitive skin. Also, this extra gentle wipes feature #MedicalGradeFabric which makes it suitable to use on baby’s face and hands. These wipes are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested to use on baby’s delicate skin. This #SensitiveWipes are 100% biodegradable just like their regular 98% water wipes.

  1. Mamaearth Organic Bamboo Wipes-

Top 5 sensitive wipes in India

Mamaearth Bamboo wipes are made of natural ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, vitamin E, almond oil which gently cleanses baby’s delicate skin without causing irritation. These wipes are absolutely free of any harmful chemicals like paraben, dyes, SLS, alcohol. Hence these are safe for use on baby’s delicate parts, face and hands too. The best thing is its fragrance which also derives from natural ingredient like lavender oil.

  1. DermaH2O Water wipes with no chemical-

Top 5 sensitive wipes in India

DermaH2O wipes are made with 99.9% water and 0.1% grape seed extract. It is one of the safest baby wipes with absolute no chemicals. But this wipes are quite expensive and also come with short lifespan of 4 weeks. You may not find this wipe in your local stores but you can buy it online.

  1. Himalaya gentle baby wipes-


Top 5 sensitive wipes in India

Another water-based baby wipe is Himalaya gentle baby wipes. These wipes are herbal and free from any sort of harmful elements like paraben, dyes and alcohol. These are not just 100% herbal and safe but also mild and soothing. Himalaya gentle baby wipes are clinically tested safe to use newborn babies.

  1. Huggies Soft skin baby wipes-

Top 5 sensitive wipes in India

Unlike the first 3 baby wipes, Huggies soft skin baby wipes are not completely chemical free and have a few agents which could cause skin irritation depending on individual’s skin. However, compared to the composition of regular baby wipes, these are safer.

That’s All for today’s post. Hope you find this post helpful. Do share your comments below.

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  1. I absolutely love Mother Sparsh baby wet wipes. I have not had a good experience with Mama Earth products in the past, but I do like Himalaya products.

  2. I too use Mother Sparsh wipes for my is gentle on skin and biodegradable..with 99% water as its base, I know that my child is getting the best care

  3. Very detailed post about top 5 baby wipes .. Of all the above I would definitely love to prefer Mother Sparsh wipes which is 99% water based baby wipes and of superior quality

  4. Mother Sparsh has in a very short time taken over the hearts of all moms out there with an excellent product.

  5. With so many brands around, it can be so overwhelming specially for new parents. I am hearing great things about mother sparsh brand. Though it is new but has gained popularity due to all good reasons. Thanks for sharing your recommendations.

  6. Agree that Choosing right product for baby is very important. The mother sparsh wipes sounds safe for baby skincare

  7. This is a very helpful article for new mommies. Wipes are important when it comes to babies sensitive skin and choosing the right one is also important. It is amazing that these wipes are parabens and harsh chemical free. Mother sparsh has so many amazing features.

  8. I never used Mother Sparsh baby wipes but everybody is talking about its plus points. I would also like to use it.

  9. I love the mothersparsh wipes, they are my all time favourite. I am definitely gonna try out the others as well.

  10. Mother sparsh is my fav brand of wipes for child’s sensitive skin. Being biodegradable it is even better for the environment.

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